Posted by Wilson Staff on 02/12/2019

Wilson Staff D7 Irons and D7 Challenge

We caught up with Lexi from Wilson Staff at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show to hear what's new with the D7 irons and the D7 Challenge happening all over the country at local golf courses near you.

The newly released Wilson D7 Irons have a new head design with progressive power holes for increased distance.  The holes are varied in size and number between different irons, but are all filled with a polyurethane rubber that allows the club face to flex more upon ball impact.  This translates into longer face contact time which dramatically increases the "rebound" from impact and allows a ball to fly further.  This is an awesome solution to increase distance without changing the entire club head or adding more weight.

In conjunction with their newly released D7 clubs, Wilson Staff is hosting D7 Challenge events and demo days all over the conturty at local golf clubs in your area.  At these events you'll be able to demo the full line of D7 irons and compare the distance to your old irons.  In addition you'll get some golf balls, a hat and be entered to win a super sweet decked out golf cart from Club Car.

Find the full Wilson Staff demo day and D7 Challenge schedule here

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