Posted by LUUMI on 01/31/2019

LUUMI Silicone Lids and Straws - Reduce Single Use Plastics

We discovered LUUMI at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer Winter Show and were super excited to meet them after randomly finding them one day on Instagram.  A fairly new product line on the market, this brand has a mission to rid the world of single use plastics and we couldn't agree more.  Here at DemoDays we are big proponents of getting rid of all single use plastics and encouraging brands to stop using single use plastics and film on all their products and packaging.  

In part one of our product line video with founder Andrew he shows us their solutions for replacing plastic single use lids and straws.  

Available in three versions with one for sipping and use as a replacement plastic to-go cup lid, one that's solid and and when used forms a vacuum seal over the container and finally a lid with two precut holes that you use with their silicone straw and can be sealed shut with the straw itself. 

To end the video Andrew shows us their line of silicone straws that are easy on the teeth, flexible and can be washed in the dishwasher.  Single use plastics of all types need to go and we're happy to support LUMMI in their efforts to rid the world of these unnecessary throwaway items.


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