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What Is provides details & locations for product demos, brand exhibits and major events, so you can find name brand product displays in public...

Otherwise known as...Demo Days

We tell you when and where these demos and events are happening so you can try products instead of reading about them.

Demos, events and brand exhibit booths give you the chance to get your hands on items you’ve been researching or curious about.

These product demos give you the opportunity to try, test, taste, touch or demo products before you purchase…

We call this Try Before You Buy™ is broken down by product types to help you find what you need quickly and easily, however you can search by brand name, location, event name or product type.

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Retail Customers

Find Local Product Demonstrations To Attend & Try Products Before You Buy

Brands & Local Business

Promote Your Product Demonstrations & Event Schedule

Event Promoters & Venue Owners

Showcase Your Location or Event To Brands & Local Business Where They Can Stage Their Product Demos


Retail Customers

Every day there are opportunities in your local area to test, taste and try current and new products without purchase.

These are the same products you’ve been researching online…but how do you find them?

Search by product type or location to find members offering Product Demonstrations.

Going out for the day or looking for something to do on the weekend?

Search for the place you’re going and see what product demos, tastings, or events they might be having that day.

Have you been researching a new high dollar item to possibly purchase?

Go to and search that product category to see what Brands are offering opportunities to try their products, before you purchase.

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Brands & Local Business

Whether you are a National or Local Brand, a Service Company or a Local Business. gives you the #1 place online to post and promote your product event and demonstration schedule.

All day consumers are bombarded with ads and commercials for thousands of products they know and don’t know. Consumers spend hundreds of hours online reading reviews and researching different things they want to buy. All while your company spends thousands of dollars every year in marketing to stand out in hopes of a consumer purchase.

But what if there was a better way to direct consumer traffic to your Brand or Local Store and increase retail purchases?

Product Demonstrations!

Product demonstrations allow current and potential new customers to try products before they commit to purchasing it…what we call Try Before You Buy™

For Brands, allowing a consumer to try your products before they buy increases their product and brand awareness, gives them a chance to lay hands on product and most of all connects them as a consumer to your company because you had a personal face to face interaction with them. Join today and post your product demo day schedule so consumers can find and try your products.

For Local Businesses, promoting the in-store product events you are hosting is the perfect way to increase foot traffic, promote the products you carry and boost sales. You might have a new brand you’ve decided to stock. By hosting product demos and promoting them on, you can increase the chances that more consumers will stop by and hopefully purchase because you let them have a free sample or showed them, hands on, how to operate a new item. Join today and post your in-store product event schedule to increase attendance and make more sales. Brands Join Today Local Retailers Who Sell These Brands Join Here Local Business Join Today


Event Promoters & Venue Owners

Product Demonstrations could not happen without Major Events & Venue Space

For Event Promoters, is the best place to make an account and provide details for your annual Event, Expo or Festival to increase event awareness, sell more exhibitor booth space and boost consumer attendance.

Use our Lead Matching Platform through Member Profiles to invite Brands and Local Businesses to join your event.

For Venues of any type of space from a supermarket to a baseball stadium, a local park, hotel or convention center, to empty warehouses and conference space. Venues provide the necessary space and facilities for Brands and Event Promoters to host their events.

If you are any type of indoor or outdoor venue that can host and provide space for events, product demonstrations, food tastings, product industry specific events, etc. then is the place to post your venue and promote your space.

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