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We're more than just your SUPPLIER - we're your CONSULTANTS

Producing an event is not an easy job and we have owned and managed MANY of our own and helped on over 100 different events around the U.S. and Europe.  From COST CUTTING IDEAS, CREATIVE FINISHER AWARDS, and UNIQUE MARKETING TACTICS, are team is here to help you keep your events growing and getting your athletes to return year after year.


It is not an easy job, especially if you are thrown in with the wolves as a volunteer or coordinator for your non-profit group or school fun run. We have a team of consultants that can help you with planning, budgeting, logistics and marketing concepts.

  • Cost-Savings Ideas
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Merchandising Concepts
  • Pricing Your Event and Profitability


We have access to products and brands from our many years of sourcing out of the USA, Asia, Pakistan, Italy and throughout Europe.

With 100s of products to choose from, we have everything you would need to produce an event and expo: Cones, Vests, Water Cups, Coolers, Generators, Race Bibs, T-shirts, Shorts jerseys, Bike Plates, Soft Fencing, Mile Markers....Finish Arches, Medals and Awards.

Save TIME and MONEY by getting all your gear in one place, with one payment.

Need creative done or more ideas...we do that in-house. We have over 20 years in the event production industry...and some of the best ideas are borrowed....let us come up with some ideas, cost saving thoughts or great artwork for your event as well.

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Cycling Products

CYCLING PRODUCTS:We have over 20 different items for cycling events and production of your event. Products from custom gloves, bike number plates, triathlon numbers,...

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