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As a local business, it's getting tougher and tougher to fight with online product sales and customer foot traffic.  But don't throw in the towel just yet, stats are on your side and show that around 85% of locals say they will and currently do shop with local retail.  Stats aside, customer foot traffic and creating a reason to draw customers off the computer and into your store is not easy.  However, there is something you already possess that you can use to increase customer foot traffic and sales!

It's You - Your Floorspace - Your Location, YOUR STORE!!!

No matter how many square feet your business is, what it is you sell or even where your location is...people will come to you - if you give them a reason!  It's not just about price anymore, indeed its' role is critical to get correct, but you have to remember that humans LOVE to SHOP!  If you give them a reason to drive over, a good price, great customer service and experience - you can be sure they'll purchase and will be back for more.  

That's what it's all about with local retail...Grabbing the attention of someone in the hopes they become a new customer who will continue to shop with you and use your services for years to come.

But how do you get these customers off the computer and into YOUR STORE?

1. You Create a In-Store Event!

2. You Promote Your Event on and Turn Online Traffic Into Foot Traffic!

Utilize your space to create an awesome environment and use those employees of yours as brand ambassadors to carry out the customer experience.  People love to shop, pick up products and spend their money, but if you don't give them a reason to get off the computer and drive over to your store...they might never stop in.

Your location and space is a great place to start with a small event to showcase the products you sell, show current customers your appreciation and to tell locals when you have new products in stock.

Get started today with a Free Profile and tell people about your store, what you sell and the people that work there. 

Figure out a cool event or demo day you could produce in store and post it on your profile.  Create product pages for incoming new products, create job listings for new employees and create some coupons to get those locals to open their wallets....WITH YOU!

Want monthly social media promotion, website ad space and other awesome features to promote your local store and events?  Sign up for our Promoted Profile and you'll get everything we have to offer on a monthly or yearly basis...Utilize DemoDays to promote everything about your local retail store and turn online traffic into foot traffic!

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