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    Mantis Tennis


    MANTIS uses only the highest quality materials available in the industry and works with the most respected suppliers in the World when developing our entire product ranges. The combined knowledge and extensive experience of our team, combined with playtest feedback from World renowned racket and stringing technicians, enables MANTIS to produce the best quality products available.


     When you choose MANTIS, you choose a product that works in harmony with your abilities as an athlete to give the best performance point after point. The extensive range has been developed for players of all ages and abilities. This means that you can be confident of finding a MANTIS product to suit as your game improves. 


     MANTIS prides itself on making the best quality ranges available to everyone – offering premium products without the premium price. As an example, our rackets have won awards in tennis magazines for offering the ‘best value for money’ compared to similar specification rackets from other brands. Similarly our premium tennis ball uses the highest quality grade of felt available in the market. 


     All players are different and have different playing styles. Consequently, MANTIS rackets have been specifically developed to allow for easy customization. The relatively low swing weights make it easy to adjust the weight and balance of a racket to achieve the perfect set-up for your individual playing style. A number of frames also incorporate our Custom Pallet Handle System so you can adjust the size and even the shape of your grip, if required. 


     We refuse to offer ‘technology for technologies sake’. This means that all our premium rackets are made from 100% high modulus carbon and without the gimmicks and fads that other brands promote every two or three years. Our objective is to be as professional as we possibly can be to ensure that all our players can tap into our product expertise, leaving them safe in the knowledge that they have the right equipment to maximise their potential. 

    Join the MANTIS Team

     If you are interested in joining the MANTIS team as a player/coach or representing the brand as an agent/distributor/brand ambassador within a specific state, then we’d like to hear from you! Please go to the Contact Us section of the website and we’ll get back in contact with you to discuss potential opportunities