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    ROMP Handcrafted Custom Skis

    Why custom skis?
    Custom skis, like a custom bike or a custom surfboard are designed to perform in the exact way needed by the user. Custom skis can help improve certain aspects of skiing or they can be designed to maximize the skills of the user. All of this is to get to the goal of making skiing more fun and easier. An off the rack ski is a compromise so it may be used by a range of user types. Custom skis do not have to a compromise, they are crafted individually to perform to highest benefit of the skier.

    I don’t know anything about skis. Can I order custom skis?
    Romp Skis designers can easily walk you through the process. The designer will ask questions about your skiing and your aspirations as skier not about the technical aspects of the skis. Romp also has many great stock ski option for the skier not interested in a custom pair.

    Does Romp make women’s skis?
    A women’s ski is usually a compromise because all women do not ski the same way. A Romp Custom ski is made to fit the individual perfectly no matter who they are.

    How long will it take to get my new Romp Skis?
    Romp Skis are made on a first come first serve basis. In season wait times are usually 3-6 weeks. If you order in the summer we can get you your skis before the snow flies.

    What if I don’t like my custom skis?
    We ask that you give your skis at least ten ski days for you to get accustomed to them. If you don’t like them or feel like we didn’t the design quite right Romp will make you a new pair free of charge.

    What is Romp Skis warranty?
    Romp warranties its skis against manufacturer defects for 2 years after purchase. We stand behind our product. Please contact us at +1 (970)-349-5353 or with any problems or concerns.

    If that new line you thought looked so good turns out to full big jagged sharks teeth and you rip out a big chunk of edge on your new boards Romp skis understands. We want you to be able ski hard without that nagging fear of wrecking your skis. Because of this we offer a damage replacement policy within a year of your skis purchase. Destroy a pair of Romp Skis on a rock and we will sell you another pair for half Price. Damage replacements are done at the sole discretion of Romp Skis. If we feel like you broke your skis on purpose for a replacement pair you won’t get one. Please respect this policy so we can continue to offer it. Please on contact us at +1 (970)-349-5353 or before shipping us your skis.

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