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Updates for 2018 NAHBS - 1st New England Handmade Show

Updates for 2018 NAHBS - 1st New England Handmade Show
2018 NAHBS
NAHBS is pleased to announce that BOYD CYCLING, CAMPAGNOLO, COLUMBUS, ENIGMA BICYCLE WORKS, ENVE, FULL SPEED AHEAD, HED., PEDRO'S have signed on as sponsors for the 2018 show to be held in Hartford, CT. We are always grateful to all of these companies and brands who take that extra step in supporting the handmade bicycle industry. Look for more sponsorship announcements in the weeks ahead. If you have questions about becoming a sponsor of the NAHBS, please contact Steven Elmes,



Sponsor Spotlight:

"We all enjoy the ride. Whether commuting by bike to escape traffic or stay in shape, exploring trails and mountains with friends, pushing mental and physical limits in a weekend race, or taking a two-wheeled adventure with the family – the bicycle allows pure enjoyment like few other things in life.  At Pedro’s, we are committed to keeping your bicycle running right by offering innovative, unique, and high quality cleaners, lubricants, tools, and accessories that are safe for you, your family, and the environment, so you enjoy today’s ride…and tomorrow’s."             


Abbey Bike Tools, Albabici LLC, Anvil Bikeworks, BOO Bicycles, Box Components, Boyd Cycling, Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering, Calfee Design, Columbus, Co-Motion Cycles, Continental Tires, Crumpton Cycles, DeSalvo Custom Cycles, Enduro Bearings, ENKO Cycles, Envision Cycle Works, Eyewater Bicycles, Full Speed Ahead, Gates Carbon Drive, Groovy Cycleworks, GRUPPO SRL, Honey Stinger, Horse Cycles, Independent Fabrication, Inc., Industry Nine, ISU Insurance Services of Westlake, Kent Eriksen Cycles, Magura USA, McGovern Cycles, Moots Cycles, No. 22 Bicycle Company Inc., Northern Frameworks, Olivetti Bicycle Company, Panaracer, Paragon Machine Works, Parlee Cycles Inc., Paul Component Engineering, Pedro's, Riivo Custom Cycling Footwear, Rotor Bike Components, Royal H Cycles, RPS NIPC, Santana Cycles, Inc., SILCA, Simmons Racing, Sinewave Cycles, Sklar, Tallerico Cycles, The Bicycle Forest Inc. (Bike CAD), Thomson Bike Products, Inc., TOIVO, United Bicycle Institute, University of Iowa, University of Kansas, School of Architecture & Design, Velocolour, Weis Manufacturing, White Industries, Zerouno Bikes, and many more...

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NAHBS 2018 Show Schedule
Friday February 16, 2018
9:00 am – 10:00 am Exhibitors and Media
10:00 am – 6:00 pm Show Hours
Saturday February 17, 2018
10:00 am – 6:00 pm Show Hours
Sunday February 18, 2018
10:00 am – 5:00 pm Show Hours

Connecticut Convention Center - Hartford, CT

The largest convention facility between New York and Boston, the Connecticut Convention Center is in the heart of downtown Hartford overlooking the Connecticut River and will be the host venue for this year's show. Hartford is Connecticut’s capital and one of New England’s oldest cities. Home to the nation’s oldest public art museum, the Wadsworth Athenaeum, the oldest public park, Bushnell Park, and the oldest continually published newspaper, The Hartford Courant, Hartford is a destination that has seamlessly woven a rich historical past into a vibrant modern city.


Interview with Rhodes (Rody) Walter of Groovy Cycleworks, LLC, Wooster, Ohio  
NAHBS:If you were to build just one style bike for the rest of your career—road, mountain, groad, ‘cross, track, etc.—what would it be?
Rody:I think I find the most satisfaction in building mountain bikes…the medium is constantly evolving and changing, challenging the builder to create new solutions to fabrication issues, is the epitome of design to balance  performance and longevity under the most stressful riding conditions, and the end product allows for an experience that allows the rider to truly be at one with the outdoor environment.
NAHBS: Do you typically build a matching fork for your frames?
Rody: I strive to focus on a holistic product, which often means that I fabricate as much of the bicycle as possible.  I am machinist, welder, painter, assembler and janitor all rolled into one, so it’s not uncommon to use my skills to create as much of the build as possible.  Beyond the frame, I often fabricate a matching fork, bar/stem combo, custom cranks, titanium seatposts, custom hubs, racks, etc; wrapping it all up in a paint scheme that brings the personality of both me and the owner together.  I can’t imagine doing it any other way.
NAHBS: How many hours are in a typical frame you build?
Rody: I only build complete bikes.  The time involved is fully dependent on the complexity of the customer’s needs / desires.  I’ve completed a full build in as little as 16 hours, delivering it a race venue for it’s maiden journey.  I’ve also had very detailed builds that have taken as long as 200 hours, where every part of the finished product has been created or touched by me.  Given an average, I would say that most builds take somewhere between 40-45 hours to deliver.
NAHBS: For some builders, when there’s a big backlog of orders, they find it difficult to give themselves permission to take time to ride. Is that a challenge for you?
Rody: If I were to give one piece of advice to a new builder entering the profession, it would be to limit your orders to the next bike in line… the feeling of security, knowing there is work waiting, is fully undermined by the stress of managing customer expectations, meeting delivery timelines, and achieving a personal feeling of success.  It is an unwavering burden to know that there is always someone patiently waiting for you, and despite your effort, life often demands you prioritize elsewhere.  When this happens, it is a luxury to take time for a personal ride.  Is this a challenge?  You bet.
NAHBS: Do you work alone? If not, how many people are in your shop?
Rody: Yes, I work alone.  I’m afraid that I’d be a bit of a pain in the ass to work for.
NAHBS: If you work alone, what do you do to break what can be a lonely pursuit?
Rody: Cubby and Frankie, my shop pups, go a long way toward dedicated companionship.  They are not very animated conversationalists, however.  For that, I have a small circle of fellow builders that I reach out to weekly to ward off loneliness and stimulate the passion necessary to move forward on difficult days. 
NAHBS: How often do you actually meet your clients and does meeting your client make a big difference in either your or their satisfaction with the bike you produce?
Rody: I’ve been very fortunate that I have product in 28 countries; many of those customers take the time to come pick up their bicycle in person.  It is a true blessing to meet, share, and ride with these customers.  There is a measure of positive affirmation that eclipses any product that is shipped in a brown box.  Though each build has it’s own measure of unique satisfaction, it is better when shared face to face.  The end result has been the development of friendships that extends well beyond the product created. Honestly, many times these relationships are far more valuable than the project that brought us together.  

Thank you Patrick Brady of Red Kite Prayer, for these interview questions. If you are interested in being in the framebuilders spotlight or have specific questions you would like to see us ask, please email

Enjoy these Groovy custom rides
Some of the beautifully handcrafted bicycles Rody has built. We look forward to seeing Rody and Groovy Cycleworks, LLC at NAHBS 2018!  


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