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RV & Campgrounds Show
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    Allentown, Pennsylvania, 18104
    United States

    RV & Campgrounds Show

    RV & Campgrounds Show is The Best Place To Find a New RV, Camper Trailer or Motorhome in the Allentown, Pennsylvania Area

    The RV & Campgrounds Show happens every year at the Allentown Fairgrounds Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania

    Celebrate the RV lifestyle and buy tickets now for the RV & Campgrounds Show so you see the best products, manufactures and local dealers offering RVs

    Exhibit With The RV & Campgrounds Show

    Are you a local dealer, manufacturer or service provider in the RVs industries looking for events to exhibit with or sponsor?  The RV & Campgrounds Show is the best event in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area serving customers and enthusiasts in the following product, hobby and lifestyle categories;


    If your company is interested in presenting your brand, products or services to the local Allentown, Pennsylvania customers, then please contact us by clicking the Email button next to our name at the top of this page.
    We'd love to have your company join us at the annual RV & Campgrounds Show where you can demo your products, sample your food items, showcase your best products and engage with current and prospective customers.
    Sign up for your booth space at the annual RV & Campgrounds Show today!

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    RV & Campgrounds Show Reviews

    Submitted - Updated by Chris Mathiesen on Sunday, Jan 12, 2020

    Worst show I’ve ever been to

    Overall Rating?

    If zero was a responses I would have picked it. Very few “large” class C’s. 3 or 4 class A’s

    What a joke, if you are interested in travel trailers there were plenty of those and quite a few truck campers ($49,000 for one of them) An hour of my time I’ll never get back... that’s the time it took to walk through. Charge $7/adult, my wife and I went and were commenting on the way home that we could have washed our car with the money instead.

    I told my wife, “if I ever suggest to go again, remind about the terrible 2020 show! Waist of time and money. Sorry, but it was!

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