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Major Event promoters have two customers to satisfy when it comes to their shows...Consumers and Exhibitors.  Your goal is to appeal to both so that ticket sales go up with consumers and exhibitors keep coming back year after year.  But what if I told you there were more people looking for your Event! is providing a place for consumers and potential exhibitors to find your event info!  

We spend a lot of time talking with Brands in all product industries about our website and learning what they do for events, whether it be consumer or industry only events.  The majority of Brands are looking to expand their event footprint, but are having a hard time finding events that suit their products, finding events that are on the same travel route they've already planned for and an even worse time finding exhibitor info that would help them decide if your event and pricing is right for them.

We've solved this problem by creating a database of Major Events, like yours, for all types of Brands to browse, and of course consumers too.  You create a profile under our Major Events category and then select the appropriate event categories you produce, such as, Consumer Expo, Outdoor Event, Boat Show, etc.  This helps brands find you easily because they already know what type of event they're looking to attend.  After you select your event categories, you will create two event posts; one for consumer facing info and one for exhibitor facing info.  This way your specific event post will easily lead your customer to the right info. is also one of the only sites out there where users can leave reviews about your event! 

Encourage consumers and exhibitors to leave a review about your event and Google will rank your profile even higher in search results.

The best part about DemoDays for Event Promoters is our built in contact system... Our website helps you be more productive when it comes to finding new exhibitors to keep growing your event.  Throughout your profile and posts are contact buttons where potential exhibitors can message you about exhibiting and consumers can contact you about their show questions.  

Want to expand your event with new types of products from your core offerings?  Search DemoDays product categories and find products you want to have exhibiting at your event and just like through your profile, you can contact brands easily through our built in contact system.  We make it easy for people to find your profile and to contact you...this along with the other posting features to create content are great ways to promote your event to the world at an affordable rate.  

Tell the world about your event to attract more consumers and sell more booth space.  Brands are looking for your event...They've Told Me So!!!!  

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EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS far exceeded our initial expectations with so many additional tools, features and ways to generate new customers while promoting our events and products. We use their site to post our event schedule where we know it will be seen!