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Costco Stops All In Store Samples Due To Cornavirus

Costco Stops All In Store Samples Due To Cornavirus

Rumors going around on the internet and social media were confirmed this week when news outlets started getting reports from locals that their Costco had stopped serving free food samples. Without any official announcement from Costco, most shoppers have noticed that there are no longer free food samples at their local Costco.

For most shoppers it was apparent that the last thing you'd want to do during a virus outbreak is eat food thats been sitting out as hundreds of shoppers walk past breathing, talking and coughing. However as we noticed at our local Costco in Colorado, shoppers were still eating the free food samples in late February as the virus mass spread across the country.

Food brands sold in Costco rely on a 3rd party food demo company called CDS to staff the food sampling booths where Costco food products are cooked on site and set out on little trays with toothpicks or in paper cups. These staff are usually older in age and retired from their previous careers with CDS employing over 30,000 across the United States.

With no official notice on the Costco website or even an update on the latest earnings call with investors, there's no telling when Costco food samples will return.

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