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Costco Roadshows No Longer Happening at Your Local Costco

Costco Roadshows No Longer Happening at Your Local Costco

During the first week of March 2020 Costco quietly stopped serving the free food samples that customers are known for just showing up for. With the mass spread of COVID-19, state restrictions and crazy shoppers stocking up for the virus apocalypse, Costco stopped serving free food samples and has now followed suit with their Costco Roadshows.

Not many people know there is an official Costco Roadshow schedule, but for those that do, they know its the key to scoring the best deals at Costco. These in store displays are setup by different brands sold through Costco and happen at every single Costco across the Untied States and Canada. Each month Costco hosts over 2000 Roadshow dates at your local Costco with everything from massage chairs, pots and pans to sheds and bed sheets.

Again, as in the case of the Costco free food samples, Costco did not make any official announcement about canceling the in store Costco Roadshows. Instead they simply took down the main schedule online and had a small message saying all in store events are canceled until further notice. We reached out to three local Costco locations in Colorado and were told that they had no idea when Roadshows would return with two of them saying they didn't expect them back till 2021. will have the latest Costco Roadshow schedule posted for each brand as soon as Costco updates their in store schedules.

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