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    We elevated the energy bar to elevate your performance, Wherever you play! ®

    The significance of FOUR is found in the nature of all things; FOUR seasons, FOUR elements, FOUR points of the compass.  Fourpoints® bars were created with the following FOUR goals in mind to make an energy bar better than it has to be, so you can perform better when you need to!

    1. Real Food Ingredients
    2. Balanced Macronutrients
    3. Slow Burn Energy
    4. Ridiculously Delicious! 




    Our story began at 14,000 feet…

    in the summer of 2007 While descending a pair of 14er’s, we were caught by two of the most dreaded “crashes” in mountaineering; The crash of lightning from a fast moving thunderstorm and the energy crash from the gels, bars and energy drinks We relied on to sustain us.  Exhausted at the worst possible time, we learned that just like in mountain climbing, the same goes for blood sugar…what goes up, must come down.

    Seven years earlier, our father was diagnosed with diabetes, the same disease would later take our grandmother in 2009.

    That experience above on the high peaks along with our family’s battle with high blood sugar, Prompted us to take a closer look at the food we were using to fuel our performance.   We couldn’t find a complete on-the-go nutritional option to support our active lifestyle, so we set out to craft one for ourselves.  Relying on our sports nutrition, culinary and athletic backgrounds, we handpicked the perfect combination of real food ingredients.  These superfoods packed together would be better than just the typical snack bar, they would create an elevated energy bar based on four main points.  Our bar would Have an optimal glycemic load for healthier blood sugar and sustained energy, be macronutrient dense, truly contain only real natural food, and taste delicious under any condition. 

    For several years our homemade energy bar would successfully fuel many adventures and we would often joke about being tired of making them for friends and family for free.   When strangers began asking about them, we decided it was finally time to share the bar we created for all four season and any four directions your compass points you.   

    In 2014, we welcomed our longtime friend Steve to the team and together we introduced fourpoints® real food energy bar. 

    In April of 2017, fourpoints® bar was featured in Backpacker Magazine's coveted gear guide, dubbing it the "Slow Burn Energy" bar!

    We are Lucky to have grown up in Colorado, where every day brings the opportunity to get outdoors and hike, ski, bike and be active in the mountains.  To perform at that high level however, requires the proper nutrition at the right times.

    The team at fourpoints® hopes you enjoy our real food bars and the hours of energy they give you, wherever you play! ®

    We also hope you will join us in the fight against diabetes by supporting the American Diabetes Association and the Children's Diabetes Foundation. 

    We like to say, "To play like a Coloradan is to get outside and do what you love to do...if you want to play stronger, got to eat like a Coloradan!"


    -Kevin & Patrick Webber