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Looking Forward To Reno - Interbike Closes Its Doors On Vegas

Looking Forward To Reno - Interbike Closes Its Doors On Vegas

It was the last day of the 2017 Interbike convention today and it looks like the industry has mixed feelings about the show moving to Reno, NV for 2018.  We heard lots of chit chat about what Reno would have to offer and not offer and how a lot of brands were looking forward to the new venue and the Outdoor Demo which will take place at Northstar Resort.  Despite being the last day of the show, there were still lots of products to check out and plenty of people to speak with.  We’ve been learning a lot from the different brands about their plans for product demos and events for the 2018 season.  Some are focused on consumer only events that will get more people on their bikes with the hopes of a purchase while others are letting their dealers take care of that to really tap into the local markets.

Lucho Dillitos explains their products inside Interbike

No Common Plans

Since DemoDays is a trying to bring everyone together in one place to find product demos and events, we thought we would find more consensus between brands about their plans for product demos, but that is not the case.  What we found was that depending on the size of the company mostly determines how they conduct product demos.  Some brands have a full time fleet of demo bikes, vans and staff; while others use outside companies to exhibit their products at various events.  Some don’t host their own product demos, but instead use their local dealers to stage product demos and events.  It was common to hear that the shop would be in charge of the event planning and promotion and most of the time the brands would also provide a van and fleet of demo bikes.  At the end of the day it was clear that brands all have a different idea in the way they want to engage customers with their products.  Whether a bike shop handles the demo or the brand, one thing is for sure; these companies know getting people on their products for demo rides leads to more sales and happy customers.

inside the 2017 Interbike show

See You Next Year in Reno

Interbike plans for 2018 are a little different than this year.  First by holding the convention in Reno, NV they are hoping the change in location and scenery will draw in more exhibitors and retail staff while lower the overall cost for exhibitors.  Second, with the addition of consumer days, the hope is that consumers from around the country will take this opportunity to attend and really show the industry, through product demos, that new bike purchases are still on their minds. 

Interbike 2018 will start September 15th at Northstar California Resort in Truckee, CA and feature 1-1/2 days for consumers or anyone to demo bikes and gear from the industries top brands.   Starting at 2pm on Sunday, September 16th, the show will end for consumers and open for registered industry staff only and will go through Monday the 17th.  Beginning Tuesday, September 18th, the inside convention will take place at their new Venue, The Reno-Sparks Convention Center and end at 4pm on Thursday, September 20th.

Outdoor Demo Attendees Leave on Buses Back to Vegas

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