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Cinzia Rocca

A concept of style since 1953. Sartorial cuts and trending lines, refined fabric and cherished manufacturing.

The value of competence and knowledge expressed through Collections with precious taste.

Our Story: The company was founded in 1953 by Giacomo Rocca. The post-war historical period promoted a rapid development of the business. Women rediscovered the pleasure of elegance and searched for soft fabrics and fine tailoring. The new-found discovery of femininity encouraged Giacomo to turn his business into one of great creations; a fashion company.

The name: In the late 1980's the brand was born, and was inspired by the only daughter of the founder Giacomo Rocca. Cinzia Rocca would become not only the woman behind the brand, but also the heart of the company. In just five years, the brand won over the American public, while one third of its global volume continued spreading through Europe and the rest of the world.



Cinzia Rocca is defined as a 300 tailors company. In Dello (Brescia), the tailoring process is a combination of mechanised phases, diligent and handcrafted procedures up to the pure "handmade". The product makes the difference. The uniqueness emerges from the details, the colors are notable for the vibrancy the stock-dyeing gives, the excellence comes out from the precision of the stitchings and from the textile and sartorial chosen techniques.

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