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    Arcanum – Cutting edge performance and delivery supplementation created with today’s “top performer” in mind. Passionately engineered, Arcanum is a product suite dedicated to educated people who care about what goes into their body. Addressing the causes and not just the symptoms is the new pathway to performance for today’s ageless champion.

    Founded by a family of athletes who discovered through much trial and error that structural health and vitality may be achieved without sacrifice; sacrifice of major organs, intestinal health, muscle hypertrophy or atrophy and even clarity of mind.  Imagine if in the process of facilitating performance and accelerating recovery you were actually upgrading your body’s Endocannabinoid system? This is now possible thanks to the activated hemp in found in every Arcanum product.


    I was born to a rodeo cowboy family in Colorado. Started in Jr. High on the football team in Golden, Colorado. After High School in Golden, landed at the University of Northern Colorado where I’ve excelled in football, establishing records that lasted for decades. During these young years, I was offered an art scholarship in Florence, Italy. But the allure of a career in football and all the social perks won out and it was the Broncos the fall after graduation. Hamstring injuries chased me out of the NFL after only two short years. This was so disgusting and painful that I’ve traded my house for a sailboat and lived out of the country for 17 years.

    The destination was Tortola of the British Virgin Islands. Britain and her colonies and commonwealth countries play Rugby, not “Grid Iron” Football. Of course, with the competitiveness and physicality that the game offers, I was drawn in to Rugby… and never got out.

    During the last 15 years, I have “Fathered” the rise of rugby in our United States through the development of RugbyTown USA, Glendale, Colorado. Throughout these physical decades, I’ve “earned” a body with new and old injuries and all the challenges they pose. Not only has my role as Mayor of Glendale helped with the Rugby vision, it has also been instrumental in the new Colorado freedom frontier… marijuana legalization.

    I was the only Mayor in the Colorado Metro Mayor’s Caucus to support Amendment 64 and was instrumental in its passing. I am currently working diligently on Hemp 2.0 with Colorado legislators and will continue to support and further the anti-prohibition efforts of cannabis not only in Colorado, but throughout the United States.


    My family came to Colorado in the 1860’s, settling on a ranch at Mount Vernon which is close to modern day Golden.

    Being educated at Evergreen High School, CSU, and CU Boulder, and subsequently owning a couple businesses in the area (Shotgun Willies, Smoking Gun Apothacary, Castle Springs Manor, and the Historic Morrison Church) has given me the Colorado Mountain lifestyle, from the beginning and forever! After a horrible accident as a teenager, I had to become a fitness nut or a dedicated handicapped person. My main passion from age 25 has been old fashioned iron pumping, dumbell slinging, barbell hefting weightlifting. I learned to lift in an old place on 34th and Federal called “The Gym”, a place full of guys – powerlifters and bodybuilders. Every month someone would fly into a “roid rage” and rip the drinking fountain off the wall! Very few women enjoyed the sport at that time (makes me sound ancient, but, if the shoe fits, I gotta wear it).

    Not to say I do not hike, bike, run (until the injuries prevented that), do yoga, etc. With some of the money the family businesses have made, my husband Mike, my son, Tyler, and my daughter-in-law Lindsey and I have developed a kick-ass sports performance product, Arcanum. We all hope you appreciate it as much as we do.


    #ArcanumArmy! I am Lindsey Mintz and I’m so happy and blessed for the opportunity to bring Arcanum to athletes everywhere! My journey with autoimmune disease lead to my personal discovery about the benefits of FULL SPECTRUM activated hemp. Our family is leading the charge to bringing a safe, clean, effective kick-ass product to athletes everywhere.

    I love to be active!

    I have spent close to ten years in the fitness industry in many different avenues – competing, coaching, modeling and as a sponsored athlete to name a few.  I am a former WBFF fitness professional and top NPC Bikini competitor. Currently, I am loving everything about Crossfit and I love watching rugby, especially if my husband or son is playing. If you love all things fitness and if you want to follow along on my journey, you can find me personally @Lindsey_Mintz on IG, Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat and Vero.

    I have built multiple businesses here in Colorado and I am excited to bring my knowledge and insight to the Arcanum team!

    I reside in Colorado with my husband  Tyler, stepson Michael, two amazing Swiss Mountain Dogs – Maverick and Goose, 5 cats, 4 horses, 5 ducks, 30 chickens and the turkey, Lloyd. Family will always come first, fitness is my passion and I am dedicated and committed to bringing you nothing but the best in activated hemp technology and innovation.


    Faith. Family (fur family too!). America. Business. Fitness. That’s me in a nutshell.

    I am super passionate about fitness and everyone’s personal struggle to become a version of themselves that they are proud of. My wife got into full spectrum hemp extractions before I did and honestly, I was very skeptical. I thought that the medicinal cannabis boom had some foundation but was largely BS and I wasn’t motivated to do any research. Until, my wife quite the big pharma circus and cured an auto immune issue solely with cannabinoids. That’s when I started my research into the endocannabinoid system.

    After learning about the ECS and, quite frankly, how negligently understudied is has been for the last twenty six years, I became passionate about spreading the word. The curtain had dropped, I could insert a political diatribe here and go on about crony capitalists but the bottom line is this: hemp is back! The populous has become too educated about the benefits of cannabinoids to let this amazing plant get shoved back into the shadows of some industrial mogul’s closet.

    I am happy to stand in the forefront of the cannabis revolution and I stand with the highest quality products in the industry Arcanum Sports Performance.

    Arcanum Sports Performance is dedicated to developing products that give you the edge – naturally. Arcanum brings you cutting-edge technology, innovation and relief. 

    The mystery within, the arcanum, is activated hemp. Are you ready to get the #ArcanumEdge and UPGRADE YOURSELF?