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    YT Industries


    Young Talent is what YT stands for. It’s inside us all. It’s up to each of us to find our young and undiscovered talent, to overcome conventions and pursue our dreams.

     “Over the last decade I’ve realised that Young Talent has nothing to do with age,” explains Markus Flossmann, our CEO and founder. And that’s not just some kind of marketing spin. It’s the way Markus lives his life, it defines his character and it’s hardwired into the brand he’s built and every bike that we make. “It’s never too late to explore your young talent. It’s never too late to try something new and find your passion – even if the world says you’re too old to start, or not talented enough.”

     In 2007 Markus ignored the pressure to be ordinary and followed his passion. Since then YT has risen from a first run of 150 steel dirt jump frames to dominating the Downhill World Cup with Aaron Gwin, killing it with Rampage winner Andreu Lacondeguy, and redefining the sport itself with bike breeds like the CAPRA.

     Today YT is over 100 people, spread all around the world from Europe, through Asia and North America, and beyond. But it all started with two kids who couldn’t afford a decent bike. Back in 2007, Markus watched two 15-year-olds stomping 360s on beat-up supermarket junkers. The cracking of bearings could be heard miles away. He knew the bikes might not survive the next landing, but couldn’t look away – the boys were on fire.


    “I asked them why they didn’t buy a real dirt jump bike,” he says of that chance meeting. The kids told him ‘Man, we would if we could afford it!’ Two young guys with tons of talent and passion couldn’t afford the tools they needed to follow their dreams. Back home Markus started thinking why a simple dirt jump bike consisting of a steel frame, a suspension fork and one brake had to be so expensive. And for that matter, why should a downhill bike cost as much as a motocross bike? “That was the defining moment of our DNA”, Markus says. “I knew there had to be another way.”

     Selling direct – ditching the middlemen – was the way. It allowed us to create cutting-edge bikes with impressive kit at truly amazing prices by passing on savings directly to you, the customer. Right from the beginning the goal was to deliver good times for all - of course designing frames that won awards straight out of the gate didn’t hurt either…then as now, we focus on developing premium, high quality products. We have created a unique breed of bikes that have revolutionized the market in many ways.

     And today, years later, we’re still exploring our young talents, overcoming age and conventions.

     All so you can uncage yours too.

     YT Industries – Live Uncaged.


    When our founder Markus Flossmann started riding in 1998, he wasn’t about races or wins. He knew it was more important to have a good time with friends, build trails, shred and have a beer afterwards. It was never about who was first – it was who had the most fun. It was a way of life that got him hooked.

     It’s a way of life that utterly defines YT and our bikes – even if, ironically, YT is winning big anyway with the likes of Aaron Gwin, Andreu Lacondeguy, and Cam Zink. And with future stars such as Ethan Nell, Vali Höll and many more in the family, success won’t stop any time soon.

     But YT isn’t about superstars, any more than it is about ‘second being the first loser.’ It’s about riding. It’s about refusing to be caged. It’s about finding your passion. YT exists to provide exactly what you need to set yourself free, to unleash your potential – bikes that let everyone do whatever they want.

     Because youth, we know, is a state of mind. Who cares if the world says you’re too old, too slow, too anything? YT builds exactly the right tools for the job, no matter how fast or hard you push, and no matter what anybody else thinks. Always be true to yourself and live your passion, no matter how old you are.

     That’s exactly how we approach our designs. YT refuses to be caged. When the idea came to build a lightweight trail rocket with 29inch wheels – a trail bike with gravity genes the YT way – the doubters were shoved aside. “We were absolutely convinced this bike 100% fit our philosophy,” says Markus. “And we built it. Today, the JEFFSY is our best-selling bike.”

     We all have a finite number of heartbeats – so live in the now, uncage your talent and embrace every second with YT.

     Live Uncaged. 


    Following the ideas of Markus and Stefan “Willi” Willared our CTO, a team of engineers and designers are developing, what tomorrow will be the idea of mountain biking.

     Each and every one of us has sold their soul to the sport, and together with our pro riders like Aaron Gwin, Andreu Lacondeguy and Cam Zink we are working on projects that are reinventing the very ideas of what you can do with a bike.

     We keep pushing boundaries in order to advance in everything we do. Our development process is progressive, experimental, always questioning, and most of all – truly passionate. This is why your YT will always be the most gravity-ready bike in its category.

     And true to our DNA it all starts with good times: Many sparks of new projects are actually scribbled on a beer coaster in the pub before we go all high-tech in order turn our visions and ideas into reality. We examine, correct and fine-tune the properties of our creations with state of the art technologies - from virtual representations in the early stages, via 3D-printed prototypes and rideable test mules further down the line.

     We strive to think outside the box. It’s all about freeing your mind and leaving conventions behind.

     Live Uncaged.


    We don’t do things halfhearted at YT – that’s why our frame builders are among the best in the world. There simply is no other way to fulfill our core expectations of producing high-quality, innovative designs. To us a bike frame is a fine piece of craftmanship and our specialists put all their know-how into creating the perfect single copy - piece by piece, carbon layer by carbon layer and weld by weld.

     Before we go into serial production every frame undergoes a long and complex series of test procedures in the lab and on the trails. But we don’t stop here. Not only are we using the latest production processes, we also constantly check the material and build quality before we release the frames for final assembly.

     YT bikes are then built-up by hand before expertly being adjusted and packed in the specifically developed YT BikeBox, ready for embarking on their journey to you, our customers.

     This is where we come full circle: from exploring our own young talents, being passionate about the product we create to offering you the tool that allows you to join our way of life.

     Live Uncaged.


    In case you missed it – selling direct, cutting out the middle-man is the piece of the puzzle that enables us to provide outstanding price-performance ratios.

     Our products are sold exclusively online and are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer. The wholesale and retail margins associated with a traditional distribution model are not part of the equation anymore. These savings are passed on directly to you, the customer.

     Additionally, YT has created an international sales structure with strong partners who share our philosophy and take care of the worldwide distribution and service of our bikes. As always, we never settle for the status quo. We are constantly optimizing all the steps of the development, production, distribution and service process in order to keep bringing you the best price-to-bike ratio in the world.

     Now it’s up to you.