Posted by No Dirty Water on 11/15/2018

No Dirty Water - Water Purification System Explained

No Dirty Water(NDW) was at the 2018 Summer Outdoor Retailer showcasing their new product, a carbon filter with ozonation unit to filter and purify water, even filthy murky water.

Company President John Sztykiel walks us through the features of the system and why it was developed.  The system comes as a stand alone unit that can be connected to an RV water system, a bucket for filtering water anywhere and can even be used in your home, but that would require changing out the carbon filter much more often from whole home use.

The team at travels the country in a camper trailer and we can attest to coming across some nasty, stinky and sometimes foul smelling water.  This unit has the capability to eliminate the worry of where your water comes from or what it smells like when dry camping or camping at your local state park.

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Description: NDW’s Water Purification systems use filtration to remove sediment, bacteria, some bad taste, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and pesticides. Next, Ozonation kills bacteria, eliminates odors and bad tastes, and oxygenates your water. This system not only purifies the water and makes it taste great, it is healthier too, as it is oxygenated.

This is our core aftermarket product for installation by a qualified RV service center into vehicles, especially RVs/motorhomes.

Core Applications include: RVs, Truck Sleeper Cabs, Specialty Vehicles


Dual-Treatment process

The 5-micron filter removes sediment, bacteria, some bad taste, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and pesticides

The Activated Oxygen/Ozone Generator oxygenates and purifies while disinfecting the water with activated oxygen. This not only makes the water safe to drink, but eliminates bad odors (such as sulfur, the rotten egg smell, and metallic smells) and kills harmful bacteria.

Activated Oxygen/Ozone Generator, as Ozone is 1.5 times more effective than chlorine and works 3,125 times faster

Chemical Free, Green, Environmentally Sustainable, and has Zero Waste.

Ozone provides antimicrobial protection against E.Coli, Coliform, and Legionella

Meets FDA and USDA bottled water quality requirements

Purifies 2,880 gallons per day

Uses 1 amp, 12 volts, and weighs 7.2lbs

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