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Red Feather Snowshoes
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    Red Feather Snowshoes

    A Little About Redfeather:
    Redfeather Snowshoes was founded in 1988 by a snow-bound triathlete with the idea of designing a better snowshoe that would allow racers
    to train during the snowy Colorado winter months. His original design became the legendary Redfeather Redtail, the lightweight aluminum
    V-tail snowshoe that transformed snowshoeing from an awkward mode of transportation into the modern sport that we all know today.
    Located in La Crosse, WI, Redfeather continues to strive for technical innovation, performance, and unsurpassed quality in all of its
    snowshoes and product lines.

    Our History:
    1988: Redfeather introduces the first lightweight aluminum V-tail design snowshoe that revolutionizes the sport of snowshoeing and fuels
    the popularity of snowshoe racing throughout the country. 1990’s: Snowshoeing gains popularity nationwide. Redfeather continues its innovative
    ways by introducing several new snowshoe bindings, including the Epic Binding, the first ratchet binding system on a snowshoe and the
    popular ATB strapped binding system. Redfeather was also the first snowshoe company to offer interchangeable bindings and crampons on all
    models. Development of the Live Action Hinge, which springs back after each step, is a breakthrough that allows people to walk with a natural
    stride, thereby reducing fatigue on long outings. The company rounds out its line by adding several price-point models, including rounded tail
    recreational snowshoes for people just getting started in the sport. As more and more families get into the sport, Redfeather introduced the
    popular Snowpaw, the first kid’s snowshoe that leaves animal tracks in the snow.

    A Little known fact:
    Redfeather is a division of ORC Industries and we at Redfeather are proud of that fact.

    The Mission of ORC
    ORC Industries began with the simple philosophy that everyone can and should have the opportunity to make a difference, and that by doing
    so, a person gains a sense of pride and self-worth that no other person or agency can give to them. Work is the way that people can make a
    difference, and at ORC Industries, we are challenged by our own Mission to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities so
    that they, too, can experience the personal and financial fulfillment of a job well done.