Blue Ice

Snow Sports
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

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    Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106
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Blue Ice

2008. In the beginning, it was about creating the products we use to live our passion: climbing, skiing, exploring. The pioneers of alpinism created stunning products just this way. We wanted to revisit that concept, but to adapted for new practices. We wanted to innovate, but introduce simple products, robust and efficient.

In business, it’s easy to forget core values like curiosity, honesty, creativity, ethics. But we love the mountain life and we have promised ourselves to stay true to our core. We believe having fellow climbers as coworkers is the best safeguard of this promise, with open and frank discussions about our products, our passion and our work. That is how we communicate in the mountains and the office alike.

We aspire to live the mountain experience with truth; returning to its essential simplicity. We know that mountains ask us to make critical choices that both require awareness and foresight: a state of mind free from fashions and frills. Forging our own path is the only way to go further, exploring the mountain and ourselves. We are looking for new summits, with the most minimalistic equipment. We invite passionate and curious climbers to join us