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Posted 11/15/2018 - Updated 2018-11-15 14:44:09 by No Dirty Water
No Dirty Water - Water Purification System Explained
No Dirty Water - Water Purification System Explained

No Dirty Water(NDW) was at the 2018 Summer Outdoor Retailer showcasing their new product, a carbon filter with ozonation... Read More

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Posted 11/15/2018 - Updated 2018-11-15 14:44:09 by No Dirty Water
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NDW Water Purification System

Description:  NDW’s Water Purification systems use filtration to remove sediment, bacteria, some bad taste,... View More

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No Dirty Water

We believe everyone deserves access to safe & clean water.

NDW offers enhanced oxygenated water through a unique ozonation/filtration process that purifies even the most contaminated water within seconds.

The result is pure, natural, safe, oxygenated, odor free, great tasting water. Each day 2 Billion or 29% of the world’s population interact with Dirty Water. Each day 800 children (under 5) die due to Dirty Water-related diseases. Each day 548 million plastic water bottles are consumed per day, but those bottles are not properly recycled, a high percentage of them are burned, buried or thrown in the ocean.


- People are dying by the millions from Dirty Water.

- We are destroying our planet with trash and pollution.

- A percentage of NDW’s revenue will go towards several initiatives to ensure that no dirty water is a reality world wide.


- Placement of NDW systems in global areas where Dirty Water is the norm.

- Support of global programs that strive to eliminate Dirty Water.

- NDW Will Become A Reality Through:

- Increasing awareness and uniting people.

- Funding of the right groups who are focused on solving the worlds water issue.

- Globally deploying NDW’s Water Purification systems to those area that need it.

- Driving people to switch from plastic water bottles to water that is packaged in environmentally correct containers.

We create lasting change through:





Creating a better world is not easy, but through the executing of our no dirty water initiative through our lasting change strategy is achievable.

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