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    The Secret Behind Quench:

    Japanese women discovered the healing waters and rejuvenating rituals of the Quench in the 10th century and have continued to benefit from their discovery ever since. Inspired by the countryside baths, Quench products are made with the same restorative minerals found at the source.

    Driven by a passion for health and well-being, every Quench product is born from nature’s finest ingredients and enhanced with breakthrough scientific technology. We believe that visible results are as important and as real as the inner beauty cultivated by nurturing the spirit. Therefore, we create luxuriously pure products that deliver beautiful results – naturally.

    Quench WATER Modeled on the Quench water molecules and manufactured in the USA, Quench Micro Water Complex™ (MWC) forms the basis of every Quench skincare formula.

    Trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) is the physiological phenomenon that causes skin to become dehydrated, irritated or etched with fine lines. Because Quench MWC molecules are so much smaller than regular water molecules, they are significantly more effective in penetrating through skin cell walls, fortifying the skin with nutrient-rich minerals.

    MWC reverses moisture depletion, helps balance pH levels, and delivers rejuvenating nutrients to the deepest layers of your skin. As a result, skin surface plumps up, fine lines diminish, and irritation clears away so you truly feel more comfortable in your own skin.

    Quench is proudly paraben free, and we never test on animals.

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