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OutDoor Demo Kicks Off 2016 Interbike Convention

OutDoor Demo Kicks Off 2016 Interbike Convention

2016 Interbike Industry Show Kicks Off with OutDoor Demo

The annual industry convention for the bike industry is Interbike.  Held in Las Vegas, NV the show starts outside with the OutDoor Demo, a 2 day product demo/expo event.  Brands from all areas of the bike industry gather at Bootleg Canyon outside Las Vegas to display their products and give industry employees like shops owners and sales-people, the chance to demo, handle and talk about the Brand and their products.  The event is not open to the public, but is one of the best ways available right now for Brands and Local Business (bike shops & sporting goods retailers) to take the opportunity to ride bikes and equipment that they already sell in-store or are looking to possibly add to their offerings.

With the way technology has crept into all areas of bicycling and sports Interbike OutDoor Demo offers the chance to see all of it in action.  One of the biggest trends sweeping the industry is the electric bike offerings from a number of manufactures.  Ranging from mountain bikes, fat bikes, road & touring bikes and looking to take over every bike type…Electric bikes are here to stay and will soon be available everywhere in every flavor of bike type.  This demo event was one of the biggest yet in terms of offering these electric bikes to bike shop employees to test ride and really get a feel for what all the hype is about.  Opinion varies throughout the industry on the roll electric bikes should play not only in-store but also out on the trails, however this didn’t affect anyone we saw riding around on them as they all had smiles ear to ear.

Even though OutDoor Demo is for industry members, it’s a great example of the impact offering your products for anyone to Try Before They Buy™ can have.  In this situation you have retail store owners, buyers, media and industry employees hitting the trails and experiencing what these different products can offer.  For retail shops, getting the chance to try products they might carry in-store is a really good way to imprint the Brand on the employee and by speaking with them about the products, allows them to carry that message back home in-store when talking to a customer about your products.  For media, these demo days also give them the chance to test ride products and interview Brands about their products so that they can publish content around it.  

This is a great way for the smaller Brands who may be new exhibitors or have new or niche products.  Anyone exhibiting has a real opportunity to linkup with media to showcase their products because they had it on display and were offering the chance to demo.  At we think the take away for retail shops should be the demo experience and how they might offer something similar to their customers’ in-store or out on a local trail.  Offering product demos to anyone is a sure way to build a relationship and make an impression regardless if it’s Brand to Local Business or a Local Business to Customer. 

Interbike OutDoor Demo is a must attend for anybody working or thinking about getting involved in the bike business.  The 2017 dates are September 18-19 for the OutDoor Demo while the Indoor Convention take place September 20-22nd at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.  If you make any type of cycling or even outdoor or fitness products then Interbike and the Interbike OutDoor Demo are a must attend to get your Brand in front of the people who decide what to buy and sell at the local retail level.  Check out all our  Major Event members to find different Major Events available for your Brand to exhibit at…there are opportunities being posted every day, so be sure to check back often or make an account to be notified when new Major Events are posted for you to consider attending or exhibiting.

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