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2017 Sea Otter Classic Breaks Records!

2017 Sea Otter Classic Breaks Records!

The 2017 Sea Otter Classic came to a close on Sunday April 23rd and was one of their biggest events ever in the 27 year history.  There were products, food and demos everywhere.  Over 400 booths were available for consumers to get their hands on every type of cycling product, health and fitness products, food and many other items. was there all weekend introducing our new online directory to brands, talking to consumers about their demo experience and finding out about great product demo events available to consumers everywhere around the country this year.  The Sea Otter Classic is an annual festival that kicks off the season for many in the bike industry, hosting the year’s first big bike race and showing new products to come for the season.  This year was one of the best with racing activities happening daily along with the expo and riders heading out on group tours enjoying the surrounding area by bike.

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Everyone, Everything

The annual event takes place on the Mazda Raceway located inside the Laguna Seca Recreation Area.  The race track/county park venue holds the exhibit space for consumers inside a grass area right next to the track while road racing of all types uses the track surface for racing.  

The Laguna Seca Recreation Area surrounding the race track provides all the trails for mountain bike racing and grand fondo tours as well as trails for product demos.   We saw consumers of all ages and backgrounds enjoying the festival and soaking up the sun as they test rode bikes, talked to product reps and best of all, were holding, tasting, touching, testing and trying all types of products…Without Purchase!  It was a sight to behold and all the exhibitors should be proud of the experience they provided as an Industry to consumers.

The Sea Otter Classic is mostly cycling related but there were new awesome products from all different product categories at the event.  Some other product categories represented include; Health & Fitness, Electronics, Food & Drink, Clothing and Outdoor products.

Here are some of our favorites;

Product Category; Health & Medical Devices – Vascular Therapy

Company; A Longer Healthy Life

Independent Rep Group, A Longer Healthy Life was at Sea Otter representing the Bemer Groups Vascular Therapy products that aid anyone in getting better circulation to improve almost any injury.  This is an awesome technology that is kinda new to the US, but is scientifically proven and has been used in Europe for years.  Michael and Diane were on hand offering product demos inside a beautiful exhibit space that provided shade from the sun and relaxing lounge chairs with the Bemer products consisting of a mat that you sit or lay on and a belt type strap that you can wrap around your body or head.  The strap and mat serve up a non-invasive therapy controlled by the B.Box Pro and can provide improved blood flow, better cardiac function and sleep management and best of all improved mental and physical strength.  As an athlete myself and a TBI survivor, I was sold on the technology and what it could offer people who’ve suffered injury by increasing blood flow with better circulation.  This could be a wonder pill instead of all the pain killers and surgery that dominate our health care system and it was great to see a new company representing their products at Sea Otter to demo and show how it can help everyone no matter your age.  Check out their profile and keep checking back to their event page to see when they will be hosting a product demo near you.

Product Category; Camping & Hiking – Tents

Company; Tepui Tents

Tepui Tents has been exhibiting at the Sea Otter Classic for over 7 years according to Operations Manager Griffin Conway and this year they were showing off a new and improved version of their Roof Top Tent.  They had a great demo setup where you could climb up the ladder to get inside these great roof top tents and experience how roomy they really are…and the best part, how they keep you off the ground when the rain starts.  These types of roof top tents are becoming very popular with the growth of truck camping in the sports world where racers and weekend warriors are heading out to camping style venues and with this style being affordable compared to a pull behind camper or rv.  The company offers car top campers and truck bed topper campers with the newest feature being the ability to unzip the whole canopy and replace your full screen summer season tent with a closed wall 4 season tent so you can keep camping and using the system no matter the season.  You’re going to see more and more of these tents everywhere so be sure to check out Tepui’s profile and see when their next product demo event will be.

Product Category; Electronics – Portable Speakers

There was a lot of different electronics at this year’s Sea Otter Classic and one company I was familiar with but didn’t know was exhibiting at Sea Otter was speaker company Ecoxgear.  They make waterproof - bluetooth portable speakers and were giving consumers a product demo to show off their waterproof abilities and how their small square speaker can attach to you handlebars.  I have a couple of these speakers as they are sold at Costco and the nice thing about them is not only their size and durability but also how long their batteries last.  It was great watching consumers experience the product demo and dunk Ecoxgear speakers in a tub of water as they played music.  Check out their profile today to learn more and checkout their offerings and events they’ll be exhibiting at soon.

That’s a Wrap

As you can see there was plenty to do and see at Sea Otter and the product demos were everywhere. These were just a few examples of the different vendors you’ll see at the Sea Otter Classic and a great example of the variety of products you’ll come across while surfing the expo area.  We can’t wait to get back next year to find out about more product demo opportunities for everyone to attend and bring you more info on the products you’ve been researching or never even knew about so you can find a chance to Try Before Your Buy™

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