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Meier Skis
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    970 Yuma St
    Denver, Colorado, 80204
    United States

    Meier Skis

    We're Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Conscious

    Meier Skis makes high performance, handcrafted skis with respect for the environment. The materials we use in our hand built, hand crafted skis is eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.

     We Use Non-toxic Super Sap
    The resin that holds it all together. Made with Pine Oil and Recycled Vegetable Oil, this snappy resin uses no petrochemicals, which is better for us and better for your mother…Earth that is.

    We Favor a Sublimated Topsheet

    Many ski graphics are applied to the topsheet using highly toxic printing laquers. Meier uses special ink that is heat pressed into the topsheet. With our minimal graphics, we use less ink, less paper, and no toxic chemicals.

    And Die Cut Bases
    Once again, instead of using toxic laquer like the big box brands, we play arts and crafts like you did in elementary school. Yes, we cut our graphics out of only the finest base material: Dura Surf 4000 sintered bases are a fast and durable ride. Minimal base graphics also keep the ride smooth and clean without a whole lot of drag. No chemicals here, just some good old manual labor. 

    We Compost and Recycle Scraps
    We found out that forty percent of all landfill waste can be composted. Whoa! So yes, Meier Skis composts all of our paper waste and recycles our leftover base material.

    We Buy Local When Possible

    Buy Local!

    Meier Skis buys most of our materials and products locally, which grows our local economy and supports small business. Our manufacturing shop is located right in the Rocky Mountains, which means we buy metal, wood, ink, glue, and a whole host of supplies right from our neighbors. Saving gas and reducing our carbon footprint all at the same time is so much fun!  

    Meier Skis Specialties

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