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Being prepared is the smartest thing you can do with your time. Are you ready to get started?

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    Game Plan Experts

    Game Plan Experts

    We help you plan for emergencies and disasters, making you resourceful, resilient and ready.

     Game Plan Experts is your home for:

    Emergency Planning
    High Quality Emergency Gear
    Helpful Advice
    Becoming Self-Reliant

    We've done the research on all of the tools, programs, and products available so that you don’t have to.

    Being prepared for an emergency is easier than you think.

    It starts with creating a plan for things
    that really happen.

    Tornadoes - Power Outages - Floods - Wildfires -Winter Storms

    Hurricanes - Earthquakes 

    There are real benefits to being prepared:

    Peace of Mind
    Securing Your Family's Safety
    Confidence You Can Handle Emergencies


    Shawn L. Tipping


    Managing Partner

    Robert D. Harris


    Managing Partner

    Our Story

    Welcome to Game Plan Experts. We are a family-owned and Kansas-based disaster and emergency preparedness business.

    Hi, we are Shawn Tipping and Bob Harris. Accomplished Financial Planners turned Entrepreneurs in a mission to help people just like you live a safer and more fulfilling life.

    Many years ago, we came across a realization: in the event of a disaster, we had no idea what we needed to do to keep us and our families safe. We saw hurricane Katrina rip through the southern half of the United States and couldn’t help but think “would I have been prepared had that been me?”

    From there we set out to get prepared but came across a lot of information. It was messy, overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated.

    The only question was “where do I even begin?”
    We didn’t really care about what the newest fad was or the coolest knife that was going to change our lives, we just wanted the facts. We wanted to know that in a bad situation (if it ever came about) that we would know how to take care of ourselves and our family.

    As it turns out, we weren’t alone. A common theme among Americans today is that they wish they were more self-reliant.
    They want to know they can take care of themselves. They want to go to sleep at night knowing that, God Forbid, if anything ever happened, that everything was going to be okay.
    As Financial Planners, we understood this motivation. After all, it’s the same motivation people use to prepare for the future financially, and it’s the same relief you feel knowing that your finances are taken care of and your family’s future is secure.
    This is when we decided to build Game Plan Experts.
    At Game Plan, we want you walking away with that same feeling of security. We want you to sleep peacefully every night for the rest of your life because you dedicated mere minutes to getting the right information that you need to know to be prepared.
    Everything on here is proven, effective and very simple to learn and use. We dedicate every last word on this site to the well being of you and your family.
    Being prepared is the smartest thing you can do with your time.  Are you ready to get started?

    Our Vision is to make emergency and disaster preparedness easy, accessible, and affordable.

    Based on some basic demographic and geographical information, we can help you determine where to start, what you need, and how to prepare cost-effectively.  

    Game Plan Experts is for anyone that is concerned for the safety of his or her family or business!

    Game Plan Experts is a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador.


    The Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador™ initiative is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) effort to formally recognize NOAA partners who are improving the nation’s readiness, responsiveness, and overall resilience against extreme weather, water, and climate events.

    As a WRN Ambassador, partners commit to working with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather. In effect, the WRN Ambassador initiative helps unify the efforts across government, non-profits, academia, and private industry toward making the nation more ready, responsive, and resilient against extreme environmental hazards.

    Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) is a strategic outcome where society’s response should be equal to the risk from all extreme weather, water, and climate hazards.

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