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Stay Cool This Summer With Your Own Personal Cooling System

Stay Cool This Summer With Your Own Personal Cooling System

Do you know about the Extreme Mist Personal Cooling system?! If not, you should! They had one of the most functional and innovative products at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) show in 2018. Company founder, Ron returned for the 2019 show with some updates to his one-of-a-kind piece of gear.

The Extreme Mist Personal Cooling System consists of a small battery pack with remote, tubing, and a small water misting nozzle. It’s meant to be installed in line with the drinking tube on any hydration pack.

The system includes hardware to attach the misting hose to your pack. It can be set up to mist your face, neck or body as you hike, run or do any outdoor activity.

For 2019, the brand has launched its own hydration pack that includes everything. The misting system is set and ready for any type of outdoor or endurance sport.

The pack is available in one size and comes in a neutral gray color.

Another update for 2019, is a shower head attachment that can snap on/off the regular misting head.

This allows you to have a shower stream to clean off after a trail run or dusty mountain bike ride. It's such a small item but has so many uses for all hydration pack users. Our favorite part, it can be stored in the pack and clicked on/off at any time.

Keep an eye out for Extreme Mist out on the trail and at your favorite outdoor retailers in the coming months. For now, you may buy directly from their website and via Amazon.

They also offer the system with extra hoses and misting nozzles to set up on your patio, tent or anywhere you need a cool mist to beat the summer heat.

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