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Sea Otter Classic 2022 Bike Demos Report - Will Bike Demos Happen in 2022?

Sea Otter Classic 2022 Bike Demos Report - Will Bike Demos Happen in 2022?

We’re back at the Mazda Raceway for the 32nd Sea Otter Classic, the bike industries first major expo of each year. It’s only been a short six months’ time since the last Sea Otter Classic was held in October 2021, so let’s run down what we discovered about bike demo days for 2022.

Inventory Still Affecting All Brands

As we head into the spring of 2022, bike and part inventory is still dictating what events, festivals and demo days each brand will schedule for the year. Availability of bike parts and bike frames is still a problem overall in the industry.

A number of brands we talked with about their events schedule spoke to the impact parts/components availability are having on their ability to create bike demo fleets or attend mountain bike festivals. With talk of 8 month lead times for things like ebike motors from the top manufacturers, the last thing on some of the brands minds is creating a demo fleet.

Where Will Bike Demos Happen? Bike Festivals – Trail Head MeetUps – Dealer Events

The good news for 2022 is that a majority of bike brands are back on the road attending bike festivals, races and hosting demo days at trail heads and retailers near you. With more than a handful of brands releasing new bike models this spring, it looks like riders looking to upgrade will get a chance to demo those bike models later this summer and “hopefully” into the fall of 2022.

COVID-19 and product accessibility have also taken its toll on some of the well-known bike events and festivals. Outerbike, after just expanding their event footprint with four new locations in 2020, has now reduced their 2022 event schedule to just two events both happening in October 2022. Due to the demo bike and parts shortage, Outerbike announced that even “full bike demo” tickets are limited because there will not be as many bikes as usual, available for riders.

The top names in the bike industry are already on the road or soon will be for their 2022 mountain bike, ebike and road bike demo days. However, every brand we spoke with made sure to tell us that availability of models and sizes is highly unpredictable at this point.

As we enter the summer of 2022 most brands are hopeful they’ll have enough parts and frames to make a full demo fleet, but be prepared to find limited sizes and a limited number of bikes available to demo this year at any event where you might find a bike brand.

What Bike Brands Have Demo Days for 2022?

Here’s a run-down on a few of the brands we spoke with at the Sea Otter Classic who have plans or as mentioned, are already on the road with their demo tour.

Tucker – Powersports Distributor, New To the Bike Market with All Electric Powered Products

Tucker is a leading distributor in the powersports world and are also the new owners of Fanitc Bicycles. They also offer two other ebike brands, Fuell and Ubco along with electric scooters and electric skateboards.

At the 2022 Sea Otter Classic, Tucker was showing the new Fantic Fat Tire hardtail model, Integra Fat Sport and the all-mountain ebike model XMF 1.7.

Tucker was also showcasing new ebike brand Fuell with their Fluid -1 commuter style 500w ebike that features a belt drive, built in lights, rear rack and disc brakes.

On the more extreme side of ebikes, Tucker was featuring the Ubco “ebike” brand with their street legal 2x2 Adventure Bike. This sucker can reach 30mph, has a 43-75 miles range and only weighs around 150lbs.

Tucker is also one of the first distributors that we know of, to start their own demo tour with the brands they sell dealers.  We spoke with company reps at Sea Otter who told us all about their demo tour that is currently on the road. Four vans filled with their epowered brand line up consisting of Fuell, Fantic, Ubco, Dualtron, Evolve Skateboards and Jetpilot underwater scooters; are traveling the United States.

Each van started in one corner of the country and is driving around the areas stopping at local dealers and trail heads allowing anyone to demo all these epowered devices.

The epowered demo tour is going on now through the being of May 2022.

Intense Cycles – New MTBs on Demo Fleets Later This Summer

We caught up with marketing manager at  Intense Cycles to see what their plans were for 2022 demos. With a full event schedule, Intense is back at it with demo days and product booths at a few races. Intenses’ next demo day is May 7th at Skypark at Santa’s Village and then they’ll be attending various bike festivals throughout the summer. 

Right now the new Intense Tracer model is on the demo truck in Small, Medium and Large. Around the middle of the 2022 summer, Intense is hopeful to have their entire fleet made up with their new Tracer Enduro and regular Tracer models.

No Intense downhill bikes will be available for any demo, only Tracer models. Click here for the full 2022 Intense Cycles Demo Day Schedule.

Niner Bikes – Outside Sales Reps Organizing Niner Demo Days for 2022

Niner Bikes has had bike demo tours for years, but for 2022 the brand is letting their outside reps take control of the schedule for bike demos. Niner currently has four outside reps covering each corner of the country. They host Niner Bike demos at local retailers, trail heads and some festivals.

For 2022, Niner Bikes available for demo include the WFO 9 RDO 170mm enduro mountain bike, the RIP 9 RDO 29 140mm trail bike and the famous MCR 9 RDO gravel bike.

You might also find an opportunity to demo the latest model ebike from Niner, the RLT e9 RDO multipurpose egravel bike…so check the latest  Niner Bike Demo Day Schedule Here! 

Giant Bicycles – Liv Cycling

Giant and Liv were out in force at this year’s Sea Otter Classic with a huge bike demo and lots of models available to test ride. We spoke with the brands event personnel and are happy to report that Giant and Liv will be on the road with a full demo fleet similar to what you see in these pictures.

Liv Cycles and Giant Bicycles both offer a full lineup of models in the mtb, ebike, gravel and road categories. With Liv Cycles focusing specifically on gear that is made by and fit for women, it is the go to brand for bikes and cycling gear that will fit properly and make your riding more enjoyable.

Click here for the Liv Cycles and Giant Bicycles demo day schedule.

Salsa Cycles – Affected by Parts Availability – Planning Demos for Fall 2022

Salsa Cycles is one of the brands still being affected by the parts availability and said they are planning for fall demos only at the two Outerbike stops in Moab, UT and Bentonville, AK.

Salsa was showcasing their Blackthorn Carbon All-Mountain 29er and Cassidy Enduro 29er models that will be available at their demos later this year. Click here for the Salsa Cycles Demo Day Schedule…be sure to click the RED Save icon on the Salsa Cycles Page for updates on their products and demos.

Magnum – Ebikes For Everyone

Magnum is an ebike brand that has a model to cover just about any type of riding you like to do. From simple mountain bike styles to eye catching step-throughs, Magnum ebikes is definitely one brand to check out if you’re looking for your first ebike.

Magnum reps told us that their demo days are happening now! Depending on where their demo day will happen - trailhead, retailer parking lot, local park, etc…determines which models they will have available for demo rides.

With models that cover the folding bike category, MTB, women’s step-throughs and full on commuter bikes be sure to Click Here for the Magnum ebikes Demo Day Schedule to find a Magnum ebike demo near you.

Bike Components – Suspension – Accessories Demos

There are still a handful of bike festivals and a lot of races happening in 2022 and these events are perfect times to check out bike industry brands that don’t sell rideable bicycles. For products like bike suspension and drivetrain components you have to find the specific brands that stock these parts on their bikes.

Cane Creek is a great example of a suspension brand that can be harder to find demo opportunities for. In 2022 Cane Creek will have their DB Kitsuma Air rear suspension and Helm MKII front suspension stock on the new YT Jeffsy mountain bike.

The bike will also come stock with the new Cane Creek Hellbender headset. So be sure to check out the Cane Creek event schedule here and the YT Cycles mountain bike demo day schedule here.

To sum up what we found out at this year’s Sea Otter Classic is that 2022 looks to be promising for the opportunities that will be available for bike riders of all types to get a chance, somewhere, to demo a new bike and consider it for their fleet.

Towards the end of 2022 will be really telling on what bikes will be available going into 2023, but until then be patient and consider brands you might not have considered before when it comes to demos and what you might buy. Right now is the perfect time for companies to show their prospective customers why we should buy their bikes, parts or accessories.

If you want email updates on when bike brands update their demo day and event schedules, be sure to click the RED Save Icon at the top of this page. You can do the same on any Brand Page so you can get alerts when they’ll be in your area for a demo day or setting up their booth at an event near you.  

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