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Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Provides Retail Marketing Resources and Introduces The New Daily Digital Publication

Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Provides Retail Marketing Resources and Introduces The New Daily Digital Publication

Navigating the weeks ahead.

As we celebrate our planet and parks this week, we are reminded we are all caretakers, and every act contributes.

This is evident in the remarkable actions of support and service by the outdoor community during this pandemic. A step forward can become a step in a different direction.

For us, those steps in place of Summer Market have begun and will continue to roll out over the weeks ahead. We’re working diligently to meet the diverse needs of our industry and fulfill our objectives of giving you platforms for commerce and networking, for discovery and learning.

One resource available is the #weareCommunity video series, which launched in March and features conversations with retailers, reps and brands, each sharing advice and words of encouragement.

And last week, we introduced the free Stand Up 4 Retail webinar series. We hope you take advantage of the 10 webinars that can provide ideas for survival, improvement, and success in the future.

Now, we’re excited to present The Weekly. Debuting on May 5, the digital weekly publication is The Daily in a new format, and the editorial team will be telling the stories of brands and new products, as well as the people and programs supporting the outdoor industry.

Throughout this time, we have also been researching and testing the next solutions, aiming to find the right partners to deliver the best tools for you. It’s our goal to have those programs ready in June, the same timeframe Summer Market would have been staging. Stay tuned for more soon, and these tools, along with education opportunities, will be running through the summer to utilize when best suits your business.

We’d love to continue to hear from you to identify how we can support your needs. If you are a retailer, rep, designer or other attendee reach out to our Attendee Relations team. If you are a brand, contact your Account Executive and if you have a media inquiry, contact our PR and Communications team.

While the outdoor industry is strong, none of us are immune. The next steps may not be easy or perfect, so it’s going to take a united community to navigate the days ahead together. But remember, we’re also an industry that chooses to walk uphill for fun.

Take care and stay safe. We’re here to help you.

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Outdoor Retailer

Senior Vice President and Show Director

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