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Norco Bicycles Griz Tour Bike Demos on Hold For 90 Days Due To Virus

Norco Bicycles Griz Tour Bike Demos on Hold For 90 Days Due To Virus

Hello Friends,

Considering the actions taken worldwide yesterday and the start of today, We are holding off and not attending or conducting any Norco demo events at this time in Western Canada. We are also reviewing our attendance at bike races and bike festivals and will have more details in the coming weeks.

This is also based off the BC Health Minster, Bonnie Henry’s recommendations that all BC citizens should limit their social contact, be socially responsible and take steps to socially distance ourselves over the next few weeks to prevent transmission in our communities.

An average Norco demo event has us interacting with up to 70 - 100 consumers at close contact, with consumers touching our tablets for waivers, touching the bike parts and having us engaging in very close contact conversations.

Thank You for your understanding. We will share more information as it becomes available.

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