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Costco Roadshows In Store Demos Quietly Start Again As States Reopen From COVID-19

Costco Roadshows In Store Demos Quietly Start Again As States Reopen From COVID-19

Costco Roadshows started happening again at local Costco Warehouses across the United States this week as more States are reopening from the COVID-19 shelter in place orders. Without notice or an official release, the Costco Roadshows schedule appeared back online sometime within the past few days and you can find the full schedule here.

Click Here For All Costco Roadshow Schedule

A Costco Roadshow is an in-store display with staff who offer product demos, samples and special deals for over 70 different brands. Every month Costco has anywhere from 1000-2500 Roadshow listings that happen in all of their 546 warehouse locations across the United States. Depending on the brand, the Costco Roadshows can also feature exclusive products not sold anywhere else for special pricing and for limited times.

Since fully reopening from the major Coronavirus outbreak, as of June 1st, 2020, all Costco warehouses have implemented social distancing measures, require Face Masks/Coverings to enter any location and have special hours of shopping for seniors and first responders. 

There haven't been any specific Costco Roadshow product demo COVID-19 protocols established or posted anywhere by Costco, but common sense would say don't touch products unless your told it's OK to do so by Roadshow demo staff. If you do touch product, please use hand sanitizer before and after handling products to reduce the risk of spreading any germs or virus.

Want to know what brand names have Costco Roadshow Schedules? 

Here's a full list of brands sold by Costco that have Costco Roadshow Dates. Heads up though...not all brands host roadshows each month, so there may be no listings depending on the month and brand.

Costco Roadshow Brands;

Search For Costco Roadshows By Product Category

Here's a list of the product categories Costco Roadshows can be found under. Click any of the links to see the current months Costco Roadshow dates and times at you local Costco warehouse.

Costco Roadshow Product Categories;

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Click Here for the full list of Costco Brands on publishing their Costco Roadshow Monthly Schedule

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