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    April of 2011 marked our thirtieth (30th!) year in business.

    Ibis was started way back in 1981 without money and without a plan. Thinking about that for a minute, it’s nice to know that not much has changed in 30 years!

    For our 30th birthday, we decided to recap a few stories and highlights. We’re going to do one for each day of April. We were going to do a story a day for 30 days in April. Turns out we bit off more than we could chew. We got about 2/3 of the way through then summer set in, we got busy and distracted and dropped the ball on posting new stories. They're mostly written, and in the end, we'll have at least 30 of them. Maybe a few more.

    Here's the story behind the stories:

    The stories could be only a paragraph, they could be long, and could be by special guest editors. They might be a look back at a bike or an article or an event or a person.

    We’ve been dusting the cobwebs off the old photo albums, going through the archives and trying to remember stuff long since forgotten (the 60’s were rough on some of us).

    So get ready for some looks way back into the past. Before some of you were born. Get ready for some bad haircuts and embarrassing paint jobs. And a bit of a history lesson on all things Ibis and mountain bike. We’ll try not to be too revisionist, we promise.

    You might notice a new slogan flying at the top of our home page each day. We’re going to take all of these at the end of the month and do something with them. We don’t know what yet. Might be a t-shirt. Might be a poster. Might be both. And we’ll turn the whole thing into a timeline.

    The daily stories will be appear in the menu on the left. Come on over and let us spin you a yarn.

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