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    What is Rapid Reboot?

    Rapid Reboot is an athlete-oriented recovery technology company that makes reliable, dynamic pneumatic compression boots for every athlete at every level in every sport – without the price tag of other brands.

    greeniconarrowWhat does it do?

    Using pneumatic (air) compression, the pump pressurizes the different chambers in the boots at different intervals over multiple cycles. In medical and athletic research, this type of compression is referred to by a variety of names, including “intermittent,” “external dynamic,” and “sequential” pneumatic compression.

    greeniconarrowHow does it work?

    The pressurized compartments in the boots squeeze your legs, mobilizing fluids and speeding up your body’s natural process of filtering lactic acid, metabolites, and other debris that build up after exercise-induced trauma out of your blood.

    greeniconarrowWhat are the benefits?

    Intermittent, dynamic pneumatic compression is a proven way of improving blood circulation and driving higher volumes of healthy, filtered, and oxygen-rich blood to your muscles as they rebuild. This is what significantly reduces the time it takes you to recover and get back to training. Research also reveals multiple additional benefits. For example, dynamic compression mitigates stiffness, increases ROM (range of motion), helps prevent DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), reduces swelling and inflammation, facilitates greater protein absorption, and, over time, enhances muscle performance and longevity.

    Ben Hoffman, 6X IRONMAN® Champion and 7X IRONMAN® 70.3 Champion

    “Rapid Reboot is an integral part of my training and recovery protocol… I love the comfortable fit, the accelerated fill, and the obvious recovery and pre-workout activation benefits for my muscles. Recovery is just as essential as the punishment I put myself through in training, and Rapid Reboot helps keep me healthy and primed for the
    next round.”

    Meet your recovery system

    The Rapid Reboot recovery system offers easy-to-use compression technology with an intuitive interface and customizable settings. You can select the recovery session mode, duration, pressure, and even deselect specific sections in the boots to avoid compressing certain parts of your leg: i.e., your foot and ankle, calf, knee, and thighs.

    Mode A (Peristaltic): Starting with the foot and progressing up the leg, each section compresses, then decompresses before the next section compresses. Once the top section (thigh) decompresses, the cycle begins again.

    Mode B (Recovery): Starting with the foot and progressing up the leg, each section compresses and holds until the entire boot is compressed. All four sections then decompress simultaneously before the cycle begins again.

    Adjusting the pressure is easy: increase and decrease pressure by pressing the plus (+) and minus (-) icons respectively, adjusting for comfort. Decrease the pressure if you experience pain. It does not require a lot of pressure for you to get the benefit of the dynamic compression, so if necessary, start at a low setting. You can increase pressure from there as desired.

    While the compression pump is active, a blinking light on the display will appear under the POSITION setting, indicating the current position of the compression cycle, whether on your foot and ankle, calf, knee, or thigh. To deactivate compression to a certain section, pause the pump by pressing START, select the desired section (light is off), then press START to resume. Follow these same steps to reactivate compression (light is on) to a certain section.

    Choose between three recovery session durations – 10, 20, or 30 minutes – based on your recovery needs. When active, a light will indicate your current time duration. . For example, if you selected 30 minutes, the light will shift from the 30 minute to the 20 minute setting once you have 20 minutes remaining. The light will then shift to the 10 minute setting once you have 10 minutes or less remaining.