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    A Longer Healthy Life

    Michael Varbaek and Diane Haworth are longevity researchers and are currently filming a documentary on longevity. They were traveling throughout 2011, continuing in 2012 to longevity hotspots across the globe. They are filming and documenting the lifestyles and habits of the “long lived people” in the areas with the highest concentrations of centenarians and super centenarians (110 years of age and older…).

    Last summer they spent time in China where they did work with the Institute for Computational Biology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In September and October they were filming in Ovodda, Sardinia and Campodimele, Italy. The fall took them to Prague, Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary doing more filming and research.

    They just returned from a month in Simi, Greece in May 2012, and are currently in Okinawa, Japan for the month of June 2012.

    They were honored to be able to present some of their research at The World Anti Aging Congress in December. They will begin delivering some of their findings, research, videos and photos through this website… so stay tuned and join them in their journey.

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    Diane Haworth

    Diane is an internationally recognized athlete, motivational speaker, former newspaper columnist, and a sport specific strength trainer who also worked with the Navy SEALs. An inspiration to many throughout the years as an authority on fitness and nutrition, she has touched the lives of thousands, encouraging all towards new levels of health, fitness, and well-being. She has been a spokesperson for the Vita-Mix Corporation for the past ten years in both the United States and Europe, is Certified in Plant Food Nutrition through Cornell University, and is a Certified Culinary Arts Chef & Chef Instructor specializing in raw food preparation. As a raw athlete, Diane has competed in Eco-Challenge Fiji – The Worlds Toughest Race, USA Supreme 10-day Adventure Race, and was on numerous first place mountain bike racing teams over the years. In 2008 Diane placed 5th in the California State Games, and this past year placed 5th in the World Road Master’s Championships in Austria. At age 50, she is still a raw competitive athlete who consumes a whole food plant-based diet.

    Michael Varbaek

    Michael Varbaek also 50 this year grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. He became a world-class cyclist, racing for the Danish National Team. Later he moved to the US where he became Captain of Team Spago/Finlandia, sponsored by Wolfgang Puck. He still races as a sponsored cyclist at the Pro level, and believes in staying fit and healthy through exercise and diet. He is also Certified in Plant Food Nutrition and Raw Food Preparation and is a Culinary Arts Chef Instructor also specializing in raw food preparation. Michael helps others stay healthy both here in the United States as well as abroad, where he speaks on plant food nutrition and longevity with his partner Diane Haworth, co-owner of A Longer Healthy Life, a business dedicated to giving people tools and knowledge to achieve optimum health and longevity.

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