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Posted By YT Industries | Updated 2019-03-20 18:38:31 in Bikes & Cycling
YT Bike Demo at Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Fest

YT Bike Demo at Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Fest

Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Fest
Canmore, AB, Canada

Start Date
Start Time
10:00 AM
End Date
End Time
4:00 PM

YT Bikes Demo at Plaid Goat Mountain Bike Fest

Demo Bikes Available: Jeffsy, Capra

The Circus rolls on in 2019!

Once again we’ll take our fleet of test bikes on a big tour of the best bike parks and trail centers, to give you the opportunity to try our rides for yourself.

No need to register in advance, just stop by and enjoy the Good Times with us.

The rules are simple: first come, first served.

No registration needed.

Young Talent is what YT stands for. It’s inside us all. It’s up to each of us to find our young and undiscovered talent, to overcome conventions and pursue our dreams.

“Over the last decade I’ve realized that Young Talent has nothing to do with age,” explains Markus Flossmann, our CEO, and founder. And that’s not just some kind of marketing spin. It’s the way Markus lives his life, it defines his character and it’s hardwired into the brand he’s built and every bike that we make. “It’s never too late to explore your young talent. It’s never too late to try something new and find your passion – even if the world says you’re too old to start, or not talented enough.”

In 2007 Markus ignored the pressure to be ordinary and followed his passion. Since then YT has risen from the first run of 150 steel dirt jump frames to dominating the Downhill World Cup with Aaron Gwin, killing it with Rampage winner Andreu Lacondeguy, and redefining the sport itself with bike breeds like the CAPRA.

Today YT is over 100 people, spread all around the world from Europe, through Asia and North America, and beyond. But it all started with two kids who couldn’t afford a decent bike. Back in 2007, Markus watched two 15-year-olds stomping 360s on beat-up supermarket junkers. The cracking of bearings could be heard miles away. He knew the bikes might not survive the next landing, but couldn’t look away – the boys were on fire.

“I asked them why they didn’t buy a real dirt jump bike,” he says of that chance meeting. The kids told him ‘Man, we would if we could afford it!’ Two young guys with tons of talent and passion couldn’t afford the tools they needed to follow their dreams. Back home Markus started thinking why a simple dirt jump bike consisting of a steel frame, a suspension fork, and one brake had to be so expensive. And for that matter, why should a downhill bike cost as much as a motocross bike? “That was the defining moment of our DNA”, Markus says. “I knew there had to be another way.”

Selling direct – ditching the middlemen – was the way. It allowed us to create cutting-edge bikes with an impressive kit at truly amazing prices by passing on savings directly to you, the customer. Right from the beginning, the goal was to deliver good times for all - of course, designing frames that won awards straight out of the gate didn’t hurt either…then as now, we focus on developing premium, high-quality products. We have created a unique breed of bikes that have revolutionized the market in many ways.

And today, years later, we’re still exploring our young talents, overcoming age and conventions.

All so you can uncage yours too.

YT Industries – Live Uncaged.

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