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Envy Snow Sports
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    Denver, Colorado
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    Envy Snow Sports

    The Envy Story

    The inspiration of the Envy Ski BootFrame came from years of Chris Schroeder, founder of Envy, experiencing foot pain while skiing. However, he did not get the familiar uncomfortable experience while snowboarding. This was due to the difference in the boots used for each sport. So, Envy Snow Sports became dedicated to solving the problem of pain from wearing uncomfortable, hard-shell ski boots.

    This innovative product allows users to ski in warm, comfortable snowboard boots while maintaining performance on the slopes. The soft, walkable design of snowboard boots gave Chris the idea to invent a device that gives soft boots the support needed to perform while skiing. This would eliminate the issue of skiers everywhere having the pain in their feet that they are now accustomed to.

    With this concept to inspire them, Chris spent the next few years developing and perfecting the Envy Ski Frame. This incredible device allows skiers of all levels to enjoy a full day of skiing without cold, aching feet.

    The Schroeder Family at the 2017 SIA Show in Denver.

    The Schroeder Family at the 2017 SIA Show in Denver.

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