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Why You Need Solar Panels For Your Next Outdoor Adventure - Products From Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Why You Need Solar Panels For Your Next Outdoor Adventure - Products From Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

Outdoor Retailer Finds – Solar Panels by PowerFilm Solar

The outdoor lifestyle product category continues to expand year after year. Many brands are coming out with electronics and smart devices that need power. When you’re out on the trail, floating down a river or hanging out at a camp, finding charging solutions can be tricky. This is where solar power comes into the picture.

Solar is a popular option in new homes, tiny homes, and for RV and #vanlife folks. This segment and products haven't had a strong showing at the Outdoor Retailer (OR) show in the past. More and more equipment and gear need batteries and the options to recharge on the go.

Tucked away in a corner at the Summer OR show, was PowerFilm Solar, a US solar panel manufacturer. What drew me to their booth was their display of rollable, foldable and flexible solar panels. Most panels are made with glass and aluminum frames. PowerFilms’ flexible panels allow you to mount them almost anywhere.

I learned that PowerFilm is one of the leading manufacturers making panels. They have been producing products for other brands needing custom applications for years. They recently decided to sell their own brand and line aimed at a few different outdoor segments.

PowerFilms’ Foldable Solar Panels come in a variety of sizes based on the wattage output. Their base model puts out 2.2w, enough power to charge AA batteries or small electronics. This model is made to hang or drape over an elevated item. The models go up in wattage output; starting at 5 watts with a weight of .5lbs. and going up to 220 watts with a weight of 14lbs. 

Foldable panels are perfect for campers, RVers, and outdoor enthusiasts. They drape over objects like tents, backpacks and odd-shaped items. You don’t have to worry about having a flat surface.

Rollable solar panels are new to the market and becoming standard adventure equipment. These panels are best suited for activities where small and lightweight are preferable. Lower in wattage output, they are ideal for charging phones, headlamps, and navigation aids.

Rounding out the PowerFilm solar panel range is their top of the line flexible Soltronix Solar Panels. These panels are some of the best made and most durable on the market. The semi-flexible crystalline silicon panel made by SunPower and a proprietary encapsulation system makes these panels bombproof. The Soltronix solar panels have built-in charge controllers that act similarly to MPPT charge controllers and are the only flexible panels currently available with this feature.

Learn more about PowerFilm Solar HERE

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