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Product Spotlight - Chapter2 Road and Gravel Bikes

Product Spotlight - Chapter2 Road and Gravel Bikes

New Zealand based, Chapter2 Bikes is one of the newest brands to hit the United States market this year. Debuting their line of frames at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic, Chapter2 Bikes offers riders four options - perfect for any road or gravel situation.

The brand is available direct to consumer or via their global dealer network. Because Chapter2 is focused on selling frames only, they encourage customers to support their local bike shop to help with the components selection process and build.

Each frame is offered in a unique color scheme or design for a limited inventory run. New colors are released every 6-8 months. Once a color sells out, it won't be available again. Consumers may always choose classic black, or wait a few months for the newest release.

Frames are made from Toray carbon and have a unique layup and style depending on the model.  Bikes are available in disc or rim brake versions. The gravel frames offer plenty of room for wider tires to take you off the pavement and into the wild! Five different frame sizes will accommodate extra small to extra large riders. We love the bike geometry fit guide form and comparison tools on their website.

The Eastern Polynesian people, indigenous to New Zealand are known as Māori. Chapter 2 has cleverly incorporated their language into their four bike model names.

  • RERE meaning to fly, flow, leap -- so appropriate for their triathlon and time trial model
  • HURU meaning feather -- perfect for their super light race-ready machine
  • AO meaning Earth -- appropriately selected for their gravel bike
  • TERE meaning quick, swift, fast -- for their do-anything and most popular model

The RERE is designed for triathlons and time trials. The aero frame was developed in the wind tunnel at Auckland University and features a reversible seatpost for a more forward position.

For riders looking for the lightest frame money can buy, Chapter2 offers the HURU.  This sleek road frame is made for mountain climbers and gram counters looking for the latest in carbon technology and strength.

Also at Sea Otter Classic, Chapter2 showcased their latest model the AO, a gravel specific frame. They were showing this frame in two different styles to show how it can be built for racing or adventure. The frame features three water bottle mounts and a cool little chip inside the rear dropouts to adjust wheelbase length.

The super-versatile TERE can be set up to suit the rider's needs. At Sea Otter, they had two builds on display to show the rim and disc brake options.

Learn more from Chapter2Bikes founder, Michael Pryde.

Looking to demo a Chapter2 Bike? Check out their events schedule and demo information here:

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