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Product Spotlight - ALTA Racks GPR Hitch Rack

Product Spotlight - ALTA Racks GPR Hitch Rack

ALTA Racks started manufacturing their GPR(General Purpose Rack) rack back in 2017 as a way to get around the lack of customization current bike racks offer.  With the ability to hold anywhere from 4-6 bikes, this hitch mounted rack is a step above the competition because of it's thoughtful design that takes into consideration the different activities people participate in and where those activities might take them. 

Talking with Ali really showed us that he doesn't think of this as a bike rack, but rather as its named, a general purpose rack that can do multiple things other than just being slapped on the back of your car and holding bikes.  One of the biggest features and accessories is the rolling floor stand to put the bike rack, with bikes, inside your garage.  This allows you to have your bikes stored upright and out of the way, while also being able to roll the rack around on its wheels making it easy to move around the garage.   

Being made here in America, Alta Racks has been developing other accessories for the rack to accommodate things like a table, chiminea, hammock and also be adaptable to work with ski and snowboard racks so you can use the whole system in the winter time too.  Because Ali knows that a lot of users are not just going to the local trailhead, but actually off the beaten path, he's one of the only hitch manufacturers out there that finally put the whole rack "up" so that instead of just sticking straight out from the hitch, it goes up and out of the way to clear driveways and big ruts you might encounter on dirt roads leading to your favorite playground.  This design feature also allows a standard truck tailgate to open all the way without hitting the rack or the bikes....a big win in our book because pretty much all other hitch racks are in the way when you want to drop the tailgate.

The Alta Racks GPR is one of the best racks we've seen and blows the competition out of the water because it does more than just hold bikes.  Be sure to check out the events Alta Racks will be exhibiting at this year so you can see for yourself why this rack should be your next bike rack.  Click the "Products" tab on ALTA Racks profile to purchase.

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