So what's this all about?

DemoDays was built to help customers find the local and nationwide opportunities to demo, sample and try products at events, local retailers, expos and trade shows.  However we are not just event listings! is a Gateway for your Company to get More Customers and Sales!

We've exhibited at trade shows, expos and hosted demo days in the bicycle industry and knew how important it was to grab the attention of every person who walked by...but when doing our research, we found that 70% of companies do NOT tell their customers their event schedule - Not even on their own website!

So we created to make it easy for your company to publish event dates, press releases, product pages, coupons and more as well as capture customer lead information.

Help customers find you

We're changing the way you capture new customers in today's frenzied digital market. 

Our goal is to help your company reach current and non-endemic customers. is SEO based and acts as a mini information portal for your company.

Reach New Customers

What type of companies work with us

It's in the name right?..demo days..."This must only be for events", you're saying to yourself.

No!  This site is much more than that.

Events and demo days can't happen without a partnership between four business types.

Regardless of whether or not your company is doing events, we can help you capture more customers if you can devote a small portion of your time to building a good looking profile and spend a small portion of your marketing budget to promote that content.

Event Producers

Your event matters, but is it keeping pace and providing local customers with the brands and products they want to see? 

The same goes for your exhibitors...are you bringing in the right customers to keep them exhibiting with you each year?  Increase attendee ticket sales and exhibitor booth sales with your profile.

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With so many product options, how does your company stand out from the rest? 

Your here because you probably exhibit at trade shows, expos and festivals, but are you telling enough people you'll be there and where they can buy your products afterwards?

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Local Retailers

Around 75% of shoppers still prefer to shop local.  Team up with your best brands and promote them on your profile. 

Have a brand stopping by for an in-store demo, sampling or product release?  Publish it on your profile, offer a coupon and watch in-store foot traffic increase!

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Venue Owners

Events can't happen without your facilities so let's tell more people about your location and what you have to offer. 

You'll not only reach consumers looking for things to do, but also B2B customers and event promoters looking for a place to host their event or private customer experience.

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OK - Sounds good, but why?

We developed DemoDays with one common goal, to get you more customers regardless of your business type.  We do this through events and catering to the 4 business types involved - Brands, Retailers, Event Promoters, Venue Owners.

Each business type benefits from the ecosystem that naturally forms from events happening and when event schedules aren't the focus or not happening, our website features allow you to still inform and engage users and capture their lead info year round or till your next event.

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Increase Video Ad Revenue

Video reviews are still the most popular content out there.  With so many producers, how can your review video be found over the others?  By using an SEO based website that focuses on promoting and helping users find the best review videos on the internet.

Nailed or Failed Reviews has tons of content and posting features to help your reviews climb to the top of search results a lot quicker than anywhere else...even your own website!

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Help people know you

Facebook and Instagram can only go so far with content creation and SEO.  With DemoDays, you can create professional landing pages of content filled with videos, photos, embed contests, lead capturing forms and more.

Post your monthly press releases, new products, coupons and event dates.  All with the ability to set custom SEO titles, descriptions and keywords. 

Inform customers, offer them a deal and capture they info.

Capture Customer Leads