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Thinking About Buying a New Mac Pro Desktop Computer?

Thinking About Buying a New Mac Pro Desktop Computer?

When considering new computers, it's especially important to know where your money is really going when it comes to the inner components whether it's a desktop or laptop.  Apple announced some coming changes to its Mac Pro Desktop Computers along with vague details about a possible modular system to eliminate costly upgrades on new computers.

Computers in the laptop arena have become very powerful over past 3 years and rival what most desktops can offer.  However desktops still reign king when it comes to pure power for things like graphics and video editing. Apple desktops are some of the most powerful computers available to anyone who needs top of the line components and pure processing power, but along with their high cost most of the inner components are very hard to replace or upgrade without the services of Apple.  Compare this to the components available to build a PC(windows) based desktop, whose parts selection is endless for a user, and you might be questioning if you should stay with Apple.  Maybe their modular system will be great, but we'd be kidding ourselves if we think its going to be cheap...but we'll keep our fingers crossed.  We'll keep you posted once these updated models hit the Mac Stores.

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Apple refreshed its Mac Pro line of desktop computers Tuesday, and the company revealed that it is working on a new line of iMacs to be released later this year, as well as a completely revamped Mac Pro for 2018.

The new Mac Pro models stick to the same design while adding slightly more powerful innards: The “entry-level” Mac Pro now comes with a 6-core processor, dual D500 GPUs and 16GB of RAM, and is selling for $2999. The $3999 model is getting an 8-core processor, dual D700 GPUs, 16GB of RAM. Both come with 256 GB of Flash storage, with an option to add more if desired.

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