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We build high performance bikes for your aspiring young shredders allowing your family to ride longer and climb higher together! We carry a full line of category leading 24 and 26 inch cross country, full suspension, and 26 Plus bikes.

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    We are a small family based business located in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado USA!   Our goal is to share the bikes we’ve created for our own kids to ride through proven geometry and high-quality components in category-leading weights so you can spend more time riding as a family. 

    When creating Trailcraft, we knew the end goal was to design something better to take our own kids riding to the next level. To create a bike which makes the simple things like riding trails much more fun when you are a kid. You know, stuff like learning wheelies, manuals, and lifting the front end over obstacles on a super long technical ride. To go on those extended "big kid" rides, carve the turns, and accelerate out of the corners just like Mom and Dad. These are the bikes we've created for our own kids to ride, and we want to make the bikes we've created for our family available to your family coming into the sport we all love.

    While Trailcraft Cycles might seem expensive initially, each bike is tuned and ready to ride out of the box with no future mods necessary to make them lighter. We build our bikes to be 4-5 pounds lighter than our competition, with premium components and optimized geometry.  A lighter bike is a better riding bike.  We spec premium components to build the best bikes, and each model we make is the category leader in its respective class. Trailcraft frames are hand built in small batches in Taiwan, and each bike is fully assembled in Fort Collins, Colorado for you when you place your order.  This allows us to have great quality control as we are the ones putting the final touches on your next dream bike.  This allows custom configuration options, like the ability for you to choose your ideal front chainring size for your riding area, and building a bike with your family budget in mind.   We offer at least three cool colors (or more depending on model) so you can get the bike you really want and without settling for one color - after all, we ride more when we love our bike!

    It is our mission and passion to build the highest quality bikes with unprecedented attention to detail and a personalized shopping experience.  One of the most valuable benefits of our bikes are the memories made together on the bike as a family. The awesome ride quality and lightweight components encourage longer rides, creating fun times on the trail together, and a lifetime of memories.  This time and connection together as a family is priceless.  We are truly honored to be building these bikes for you and your family.   Kids grow fast and our time with them is precious, let's make these years the most memorable and best they can be together.  We know our bikes will allow your family to ride longer, climb higher, and enjoy harder trails together as a family - just as they have for our family! 

    Happy trails!

    Brett, Ginger, Elijah and Evalina