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OrangeMud™ exists for one purpose, to create the most impressive new products in the outdoor market.

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    Orange Mud

    About Us - What’s in a Name - Orange Mud? We get asked about the company name quite a bit, I guess it is a little different, so here is how the story goes. I've logged countless hours running over the years. The scenery, adventure and calm never gets old, but drinking from random packs, vests, and hydration belts just never felt right. Throughout many of these journeys, I’ve bought and modified all kinds of gear, but the perfect one never appeared. At times I found stashing bottles along the trails to be a decent solution, but have you ever seen a random dog, coyote or odd person on the trail and wonder hmmmm, is my bottle still clean or will it be there on my next loop?


    The Story - Our company started with the premise of the hydration pack first. The concept came about one evening after a fun day of exercise and hydration frustration. After a couple glasses of wine that night I decided to take action and put some work into our concept. So I went into the garage and destroyed a gun holster, tie down, and a waist pack to build our first HydraQuiver prototype. I went on a little jog with the pack and realized it was a solid concept, so I came back to tell my wife we're starting a company and we need a name. For the next 3 hours brainstorming was full speed in front of the imac on godaddy trying name combos based upon trail running, dirt and my middle name which is Clay. My wife wouldn't let me name our first boy Clay despite my request, so I told her I'd turn it into our company name somehow. Unfortunately I couldn't get anything to sound right with Clay, so looking back at my Kansas roots mud was a norm of life, so Clay turned to Mud and I've always liked the color Orange so the two came together and voila...Orange Mud! The funny part is that night I bought about 30 domain names, from that we may someday have a vineyard, a custom bike building company, a vodka distillery, and who knows what else.

    Philosophy - At Orange Mud it's very simple, make the most efficient, well crafted, American made gear. Our design team has spent years competing in adventure racing, mountain bike racing, trail running, marathons, Ironman's and some awfully fun outdoor adventures. Years of training for these events has often left us searching for the next best thing, but many times it's just not there. So we figure someone has to make it, why not us? We have a lot of ideas but realize that we may not all be the sharpest tools in the shed. If there is something that you always thought would be awesome, let us know. Maybe we'll turn the idea into reality. 

    Communication - Feedback is appreciated. We're always looking for feedback to improve our products. If you have an idea or feedback for our gear by all means drop us a line and we will be glad to talk with you about it. We have tried hard to ensure every base was covered, but one thing consistent about building a better product is that challenges never seem to stop and one fix today leads to tomorrows problem. 

    Keep it simple - Just as we are trying to keep the design simple, our storefront is the same. Low cost shipping, as eco friendly as possible, and American made wherever possible. 

    Warranty Info - We stand firmly behind all product sales. Should you have a problem at any time don't hesitate to reach out. Manufacturing defect? Let us know, we'll replace it for the lifetime of the product. Did you forget it on the bumper when leaving the trail head and now after miles down the road your pack looks like swiss cheese? That sucks. No worries, everyone does it, even famous people like Chevy Chase leave things attached to bumpers that don’t make out so well. Even for things like this, let’s call it the “crap happens” policy, let us know and we’ll replace it for a fair charge.

    If the gear isn't performing to your expectation contact us and we'll replace it, refund, or repair it. Keep in mind some returns may require discretion. 

    Product Care - We love our packs, hopefully you do too. To keep them clean we suggest using a mild soap and a damp cloth to clean the inside and out of the pack. Using detergents or solvents will ruin your pack. Please air dry the packs, all compartments open, after cleaning. Using your dryer will harm the fancy coatings on the material. 

    Thanks from the Orange Mud team!

    Orange Mud 

    FAQ's about our hydration packs

    Questions and answers about our hydration packs.

    • Q: Will the straps through my armpits rub me raw? It seems weird....
    • A: Our packs are designed for running. Doing so creates some fun challenges and as such they aren't as comfortable to wear around your house, at least not properly anyway. But when you first get it in the mail that's probably where you will put it on and think "man this fit is different". Well your right, it is! But don't let that scare you away. Cinch it up tight, nice and snug leaving about a thumbs thickness under the straps and take it for a test drive. Remember we have a money back policy since we actually want you to test and put our gear to work. All we ask if give it three tries and after three we're pretty confident that you'll dig 

    • Q: Is it easy to grab the bottle? How about put it back in?
    • A: Super easy. Can you scratch the back of your head? If so you're all set. Just reach back by gliding your palm over your shoulder to grab the bottle. A slight twist makes retrieval even easier. Putting it back is super easy too, even at a full pace. 

    • Q: What makes your packs different? 
    • A: Lots of things!
      • Fit - Our packs mount on your upper shoulders which is a very stable area while running. Keeping the packs off your torso and lumbar regions ensures that movement is kept to a minimum for a stable run. It's also not a core hot zone on your body so temperature regulation is greatly enhanced. 
      • Temperature Regulation - When you're cold, where do you put your arms? Across your chest right? Notice that our packs don't have front chest pockets, or the ones that do stop just about the nipple line. This keeps breathability at a max! 
      • Bottles - Our bottle based systems allow maximum heat transfer away from your body. Imagine a typical bladder is at least 6" wide and at least 16" long, that's a lot of plastic trapping heat on your back. Our small 2.875" diameter bottles transfer heat right past them easily. Plus you can refill and management fluid levels easy, aid station volunteers will love you, and you likely already have backup bottles in your pantry. 
      • Materials - We use tough materials that will last you a very long time. Endurance racing is hard enough, you shouldn't have to worry about your pack failing. Sure we overkill somethings, but at the expense of a few grams extra you can trust your gear. 
      • Accessory Management - We have a lot of strategic pockets to manage your cell phone while running, electrolytes, food, gels, and more all at quick access. 
      • Breathability - All of our packs are designed with air flow as a major component. We use mesh that isn't typically used in sporting goods, rather generally medical device and military, just so we keep your temps regulated. Plus it's tough too!

    • Q: Where are your packs made? 
    • A: Some are all US, some are a hybrid of US and Mexico, some are all Mexico, some are Vietnam. Labor rate increases in the US have made it very hard to produce our packs locally in volume. Finding US suppliers to handle volume is tricky, getting access to the required materials is tricky, even customs for export is a penalty in many occasions making in the US vs abroad. It's a crazy world in the manufacturing side and we're always up for elaborating further on this if you're curious! 

    • Q: Do you have somewhere to hold my phone? 
    • A: The shoulder pockets are perfect for storing your phone. An iphone 6 fits great in them, or 6+ fits in the front chest pockets or in the rear cargo. 

    • Q: The excess straps flop around and are driving me crazy. What do I do with them?
    • A: Look right behind the tensioner on the front and you'll see a narrow band of elastic. Take the end of the strap and tuck it in there. Notice that the end of the strap has a tab on it? That's so it doesn't pull out.

    • Q: Is there a place to put my keys?  
    • A: Of course! On the Single Barrel, Gear Quiver, and Double Barrel hydration pack, open up the rear zipper pocket and you'll find a 1/4" thick cord with a key clip on it. On the Vest Pack 1 and 2 the clip is in the inside of the front right chest pocket. 

    • Q: What's the black circle with the cross in it on the back of the Single Barrel?
    • A: That's the headphone port.

    • Q: What's the V shaped feature at the bottom of the Single Barrel with the oval holes in it?
    • A: That's to use an optional cord and cord lock set to hold a jacket. We sell them on our site for $5. Or you can pick up some shock cord and a cord lock at many sporting goods stores. 

    • Q: I have a large chest, will your packs work with me? 
    • A: The answer to this is tricky to answer politically correct and in general too! 
      • HydraQuiver Single Barrel - No problem, this pack fits nearly everyone. 
      • HydraQuiver Double Barrel - Absolutely! There is no chest strap to cause fit issues. 
      • HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 and 2 - This is where it gets tricky. The front chest pockets and strap ride higher than most packs. So generally they still fit 90% of large chest, especially if natural. But to be blunt and your chest is not as originally created, the extra firmness of an implant can cause the pockets to shift up a bit which shifts the pack back a bit. Most find that they can still make it work, but may require a bit of finessing to get the fit right. 
      • Gear Quiver - Fits everyone! 
      • Endurance Pack, Adventure Pack 12L and 20L, Gear Vest, all fit ladies with chest sizes of small to large wonderfully? 

    • Q: I'm petite, will your pack fit me? 
    • A: See below
      • HydraQuiver Single Barrel - No problem, this pack fits nearly everyone. 
      • HydraQuiver Double Barrel - Fit works with 99% of customers, but we do find if you have very narrow shoulders it may be a bit too wide. We do hav some runners in the 100lb range that works great, but they often have larger lats from swimming or gym workouts. If more of a straight cut, and under 115lbs, the best we can say is to try it! 
      • HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 and 2 - The VP1 fits nearly everyone, the VP2 oddly (odd because it's the same footprint as the VP1) has the same fit limitations as the Double Barrel. 
      • Gear Quiver - Fits everyone! 
      • Endurance Pack and Gear Vest fit great! 

    • Q: I'm built tough, will your pack fit me? 
    • A: Yes!
      • HydraQuiver Single Barrel - No problem, this pack fits nearly everyone. 
      • HydraQuiver Double Barrel - Absolutely! There is no chest strap to cause fit issues. 
      • HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 and 2 - Only limits at a 50 to 52" chest.
      • Gear Quiver - Fits everyone! 
      • Gear Vest, Endurance Pack will fit awesome. If you're above a 52" chest we'd suggest the Adventure Pack 12L as it's the most generous cut that we have. 

    • Q: I'm far from scrawny, will your pack fit me? 
    • A: Yes!
      • HydraQuiver Single Barrel - No problem, this pack fits nearly everyone. 
      • HydraQuiver Double Barrel - Absolutely! There is no chest strap to cause fit issues. 
      • HydraQuiver Vest Pack 1 and 2 - Only limits at a 50 to 52" chest.
      • Gear Quiver - Fits everyone!